Introduction or she gets confused by detailed discussions


A lot of research was done to come up with the Artificial Intelligence article for non experts. Artificial Intelligence is by all means one of the disciplines whose context is quite difficult to fathom especially if you are not an expert. The purpose of this report is to inform you of how much work I have completed towards the production of the article, as well as how much work remains to be done to help people fully appreciate the role of Artificial Intelligence in post modern development.

Work Completed “Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence”

The article follows an outline which helps in developing appropriate context suitable for conveying the intended message. The outline is also intended to help the reader get back to track in case he or she gets confused by detailed discussions within the main document.

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The sidebar implicitly explains to the reader the relevance of conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence by quoting John smith. Basically, the sidebar arouses curiosity among readers by giving them a reason as to why they should be very much concerned with what transpires in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The sideline compliments the sidebar by giving precise information to the reader on other available articles that are related to the current article and how they can be obtained. This also helps the readers identify with a reliable source of information related to Artificial Intelligence. This is followed by an introduction to the article that explains what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is not. The article thesis describes an Artificially Intelligent Machine as that which is capable of learning from experience as well as be able to be taught.

The history of Artificial Intelligence is given in a religious perspective to capture the sidebars notion that the creature described in holy books could actually be an Artificially Intelligent machine. This helps in retaining the reader’s curiosity apart from explaining the possibility of both positive and negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The reader is to independently determine what aspect outweighs the other as the article does not do this.

Work Scheduled “Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence”

The current article gives the outcome of thorough research conducted on the history of artificial intelligence. Evolution stages of the discipline are discussed. The challenges encountered and successes achieved have been discussed.

The article ends by giving the current status of Artificial Intelligence by reflecting on a real life case study. The case study shows that the crucial stage of attaining the goal of Artificial Intelligence that is capable of altering human destiny is no longer a pipe dream but a reality.

This is so since machines that can learn from experience and that can be taught are being built under a project commissioned by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).The next article should focus on explaining to the non experts the positive and negative implications of advances that are being made in this field by DARPA.


The goal of the next research project will be to discuss the industrial trends of Artificial Intelligence and the overall social, economical and political impact of the DARPA project once it is fully functional. The current state of Artificial Intelligence in astronomy will be discussed and this will be followed by hypothesizing on the future state of Artificial Intelligence.