Ahmad wanted to go to America because he

Ahmad Yazbak                                                                                                                    Yazbak

M r. Bilal Buttar

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Individuals & societies 



Louis Joliet


q. 1. Where did the explorer’s
journey start?


q. 2. Why did he or she go to
Americas? What was he seeking?


q. 3.  How did the explorer travel?


q. 4. What did the explorer find?
How was it different from today?


q.5. what did the explorer meet
during the way?


What challenges did the explorers encounter?


How did the explorer experience change our understanding to Americas?


What impact did the explorers have in the people and future of










Louis Joliet
trip started when he was thinking of going to America. He wanted to go to
America because he wanted to be one of the first Europeans to speak native
English language.



H wanted to be
one of the first Europeans to speak NATIVE English language. Then when he
really became a native speaker a lot of Europeans people wanted to speak like
him. That means that he gave hope to European people that they CAN speak native
English language. Pluse that on his way He explored the Mississippi river.



He explored The
messisipe river. And on his way he found passage
to Asia. Then he followed this passage and it led
him to a place called “Michilimackinac region.”



During his journey
he found a lot of new regions and places or even cities. The ones that he went
and explored was called: native village in the
Illinois, Michilimackinac region, peace pipe.


He the hardest
time he faced was when a native tribe
wanted to attack near of the village he was living in. The whole village was so
scared because they were so weak so he couldn’t get out of the village to
continue the exploration. But after a weak the problem was solved, then he
continued his exploration.


He did not
change a lot to Arabians understanding to America but a lot to Europe. He gave
hope to people through his journey that they can do even better than him and
that nothing is impossible if you wouldn’t give up.


America became
friends with Europe after he did all of this and that helped more people to
explore America and learn English language.