After the distance as if he was stargazing,

After that weird
little encounter that I just had, I started to stir some coffee in the morning
to get me going for the entire day and clear my head for the long day that is
going to happen. Therefore, I went back to work as always, pretending
everything is normal and heard that Pamela is doing her usual routine and I
have heard this news from Mike. This man is all over her, every time I
mentioned her name his face would look into the distance as if he was
stargazing, but that does not matter to me, because my first priority is to
find Pamela.

It was around 12:00,
which was break time for all of the staff and employees in the entire facility
including Pamela. So I rushed to her work area then I slowed down my pace so
that I can walk in casually and not look weird at the same time. I saw her in
the room leaving, we met at the door, and she said:

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“Oh, you’re here
already” she said surprisingly “That is good less trouble for me to look for
you, well then follow me”. I just thought she was just really cocky that I will
be her lap dog or something like that.

“So what is this plan
you want to tell me about?” I asked curiously, “Well, I thought that you would
ask me about the plan sooner, I did not thought that it would be right now. I
thought you were a different man or like a coward but I was wrong,” she said as
she was mocking me then suddenly asks me, “Why do you want to know the plan
already? Don’t you want to test my trust or whether or not if I’m using you?”

Before I could even speak,
I remembered everything Jay has done for me, and everything I have done for
him. It almost brought me to a very emotional state, but I have to hold back
these mixed feelings because I don’t want to look weak in front of Pamela. For
now I have to do what I have to do to avenge my friend’s death. Then I told her
the reason why I trust her:

“The reason why I
trust you is because of the look in your eyes and people who really care for
Jay Gatsby wants to take revenge for the unfair death he had and you never met
your father for real, isn’t it?” I asked Pamela curiously

“You are right about
that, I have not met my father in person but the reason I know that he is my
father is because of a blood test result. Then he started sending me letters
that he wants to meet me one day and he promises me that he will be with me one
day but that promise won’t happen because of his death.” Pamela said after
tears started to flow down her face.

“If we had met maybe
things would be different, so I made a vow to myself to sworn revenge on anyone
who has betrayed my father, for using him only for their own personal gains. I
want them to die a slow and horrible death; no I want to give them a fate worse
than death.” Pamela said angrily

I feel the same way
with Pamela; I mean who does not want to take revenge against the people who
used Gatsby for their own greed.

“Don’t worry we will
get them I promise” I said gleefully

“Thanks, but right
now we must go to my place I have somethings there that we need to take place
for our revenge, don’t worry I have a car” Pamela said

I was not surprised
that she has a car and I do not, I am so close to reach for my goal to earn and
buy my own car even though I have been working for 3 years now. While she has a
car for only working just now, well what can I say she is the daughter of Jay
Gatsby. As we went to her car, I notice her car has the same model just like
Jay’s but with a different color scheme, it reminded me of the time that we
switched cars and killed a woman by accident. However, that does not matter we
still had to go with the plan and we went to the house of Pamela.

As I enter her residence,
the house was like half a mansion and she led me to her room, it was all quite
organized like any girls room but then I noticed another door in her room that
does not seem like a closet or the way to the bathroom.

“This is the place
where we are going to get our things,” Pamela said as she opens the door.

I couldn’t believe my
eyes there was money, weapons and other things like she was about to do a heist
she was well prepared for this day. “Grab a mask” she said and the mask we are
about to wear resembles a renaissance mask and then I asked her:

“What are we going to
do exactly?” I asked

“We are going to
destroy the businesses of every person who has ruined Gatsby’s name and we are
going to destroy them by blowing it up”