After me a wide and comprehensive exposure

After one year’s work experience as an application consultant at one of
Pakistan’s leading IT firm, I want to return to academic study.  I realize that this is a crucial stage in my
career where I should decide the direction in which to move forward. I have
great interest in devoting my long-term career in this revolution of technology
and computing. That has drastically changed our lives and has the potential to
redefine what it means to be a human. As my entire life has coincided with the
rise of modern computing industry, I can sense that there are still tremendous
developments to come. This is the reason I am focusing to purse graduate study
and becoming a part of this rapidly burgeoning community. Fate choose Software
Engineering as my bachelors major, but it is my prime goal now to continue my
education is the same field. I have an appreciation for vast breadth of computer
science and nearly endless possibilities for further study that this field

In high school I showed very keen interest in subjects of mathematics, physics
and chemistry and managed to score the highest position in entire country. My competitive
spirit has helped me maintain an excellent academic record. National University
of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is the highest ranked engineering university
in Pakistan and thousands of students go through a common entrance test to get admission.
I passed the admission examination with flying colors, and secured a seat in Software
Engineering program. During my bachelors, I found that I greatly enjoyed learning
programming and with my strong mathematics background, I excelled in courses concerning
calculus, algebra and statistics.

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My undergraduate program gave me a wide and comprehensive exposure to
numerous courses that I developed immense interest in, namely Digital Image Processing
and Computer Vision. My academic experience thus far has provided me with a
wide range of practical knowledge and skills which would be immensely useful
when studying overseas at graduate level. I have gained comprehensive exposure
to many core areas of computer science and developed a deep conceptual
understanding. My interests in integration of image processing and deep
learning urged me to work on neural networks for my senior year design project.
The objective was to provide nutritional value of cooked meals similar to that
provided by packaged foods.

I extended my learning beyond the four walls of classroom, participating
in extracurricular activities, pursuing new experiences and broadening my horizons.
I took to teaching in the slums, and volunteering in the renovation of old
schools, which though was difficult at times, but ultimately made me understand
the importance of service and helping those in need. In university I was a
campus ambassador, a role I took in order to meet new people and learn a new
range of skills. Apart from enhanced communication and leadership skills this position
offered me, it made me more independent and comfortable interacting with people
who are different. I learnt to expend an independent approach in all endeavors.
These experiences depict that I am highly motivated and proactive at learning
and experiencing new things, and possess qualities which will be tremendously
useful when pursuing masters abroad.

During my bachelors I have worked as a teacher’s assistant, the distinctive
experience of which I feel will stand me in good stead if I choose to get into
the teaching line in future. In a few years down the line, I envision myself being
part of academia. The computer science field is still in its relative infancy
in my country, however by studying in your master’s program, I would gain necessary
knowledge to put our country as an emerging innovative force in the computing
world. As this program would enable me to contribute towards our development.  My objective of pursuing a graduate study is
to acquire an in-depth competence and channel my intellectual ability in this stream
of science.

I would like to conclude with the fact that essence of higher education
lies in the synergy between the schools and its students. I believe that this
scholarship, would be a major step towards achieving my academic objectives,
and provide for an ideal place for my graduate studies. I would be grateful if I
am given the opportunity of pursue my graduate study with financial assistance
at your world-renowned institutions. I wait for your benevolent response to my