Culture a story or entertaining the audience.

Culture is one of the most important factor to marketers in that it both affects and describes human behaviour. A good way of thinking about culture may be in terms of its usage in words such as taste and stylistic preferences, advertising preferences and regulation, superstitions and cultural sensitivities and modesty as it can be described their implications to marketers. In this assignment, I will examine some of the influences which considerate by the marketers to set up the market strategies in different places.

At the end of it, you should be fully understand that the similarities and differences between and among cultures of 3 powerful Asian tribes-Chinese, Japanese, Korean. Marketer can use etic or emic approaches in marketing research and analysis to the upon countries. Advertising preferences and regulation Each country and culture is different advertising preferences and their government issues the regulation. So, marketers should know their regulations to avoid offending the regulation. Japan Japanese prefer the ambiguous terminology in advertising and indirect communication style.

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They would like to image the content of the advertisement though a story or entertaining the audience. It is not important to mention the company name and product rather than pleasing the consumer. They only concern about the fantasy appeal and the mood of the advertisement the indirect approach by the symbols is very common in the advertisements. The Japanese always use of celebrities in their advertisement because of target group. They like to convey the prestige and statue rather than the celebrities. On the other hand, the advertising songs is the other tool to promote the advertising more popular.

It is because the song always can be a top song in the society and the singer can develop his/her singing career in the future. The advertising regulation is not very acrimonious in Japan compare with China and Korea. They accept the novel, interesting and new things in their advertising because Japan is liking to copy and follow the trend of western. You can see the advertising in public place, which is using the sexual to attract the people. On the other hand, they don’t use the price and competitors to compare with each other in the advertising because of impolite.

China The advertising industry is developing very faster in China, it can reflect the Chinese culture. The usual methods are indirect product-selling approaches and collective of culture characteristic. The Chinese culture advertising is using an indirect approach and based on long-term orientation and collectivism. It is not reflected masculine or feminine but can respect for customs and conventions. Chinese like the advertising to promote some more popular products rather than only expectation to buy.

The product performance and features are most promotional points to sell but the trend of advertising is increasing more symbolic and suggestive of human emotion. People Republic, a Communist State is a governor in China. They issue the draconian law to control the people. So, people are following the conservatism in China. Nudity and insult the government is not permitting in the advertising. On the other hand, the Confucian values affects the people ‘s thinking. Korea Japanese advertising that is important to show the company more than the brand influences Korean advertising.

It reflects of their culture as same as Chinese advertising to focus on the indirect approach and symbolism. The charatistic of Korean advertising are avoided confrontational and harmony sought. They respect for feminine and prefer to affiliation into the same line rather than the competitive. The regulation of advertising is not very tight compare with China. Korea government is so enlightened to accept some audacious advertising to be posted in common place. Conclusion Japanese advertising is strongly masculine and use more celebrities than the other two countries.

The indirect approach and symbolism are appropriate in the advertising industry of China, Korea and Japan. Chinese advertising is only one country developing their own characteristic in it A lot of parts are similarity in the three countries because they are all in Asia. Taste and Stylistic Preferences. Each country and cultural is totally different preferences in taste and stylistic. It is difficult to centralize their preferences. So, marketers should apprehend their conventions to see how to target in the different markets. Culture Culture can identity and understands more about people in which group.

We can though the following factors to analysis the 3 Asian cultural, as a marketer should emphasis on their affects. Values system can reflect the different culture style and criteria of behavior for that society. This shows that different conventions demand people to be honest and some of these can express in gift giving, rituals for birth, death and marriages. The Japanese personality generally is self-confident and flexible to accept the novel and interesting things. They seem almost frivolous and extravagant to spend a lot of money for purchasing.

It is because they are rich and particularly enthusiastic learning to Western Culture. As marketers, Japanese can accept more fashionable and luxury goods in the market. Chinese personality generally is materialism and conversatism. Although, the material support are escalated from the government but it still not enough for all the people’s expectation because of poor. Moreover, they lack of well education system to teach the people , they only blind to follow the fashion in the market. Sometimes, people buy the goods because of the English words in the packages. Korean go shopping, they like to get freebies or a good cut in price.

Sometimes the West products are marked the fixed price, then the seller will offer some gift as bonus to customers. So, you can see the human exchange and communication in Korea. Taste preference: Food Culture can affect people to select prepared, presented and eaten food. In some large cities, many restaurants can serve some diet dishes and national dishes to different culture people. They can provide variety full sets of cutlery to be selected by customer because of feeding habits also differ such as chop sticks, from hands and forks or knives. Japan Japanese would like to eat fast food because of modern country.

The trend of eating habits is increasing in diet food but the western food is also popular in the youth people. You would find that there are so many convenient food machines in Japan especially in some business cities They would like some elegant and convenient package foods. So, markets should considerate the package of the food is most important if they want to go the target Japan market. Another factor is the convenient food machine, if the food products can store in the machine it would be very helpful to promotion. China China is one of the oldest advanced civilizations in the world.

So, their diverse culture has been for a long time age Chinese would like to eat the hot food but not the raw food compare with Japanese. So, the package of the food is not very important compare with the price of products. They would prefer the big size and cheap price of products. The marketer should understand their need and want. They don’t need the nice package of products. The Chinese dishes can reflect their own characteristic in dish display such as dragon and pearl. They don’t like the convenience food because of preservations and prefer the fresh food such as vegetables and fishes.

The other important factor is the package for selling in China, which shall show the Chinese character in the package such as co-cola. It is because there are so many people don’t know English. Korea Japan affects food style of Korean because Japan has controlled to Korea after 2nd world war for a period. So, they re more similar in somewhere of eating habits such as raw food(mice beef with egg) is a very favor dish in Korea but they is more likely to eat meat and the spice food compare with Chinese and Japanese. Barbecued is very common in Korea Colour

Color often has important to identity and meaning for Asians. Asian would avoid using black because of death meanings. In chines culture, gold and red colors are meaning for good lucky such as wedding and celebration but white mans for death such as funeral. In Japanese and Korean culture, white color is using in pleasure events such as wedding. However, Chinese use the red ink to cut off the relationship but its means for death notices in Japan. Marketers should be significance of colors in their marketing and presentation. Korean though to drive off evil spirit by red.

They eat red-bean porridge and sprinkle that means evil will be driven off in the winter. Clothing National clothing is a good way to identity their culture because they all totally different with each culture. You can see the international pegrent campaign always request the candidates to wear their national clothing. The favor colors in the three countries are also in darker color specially in business suits. But in the weeding events, they would wear the red and gold clothing in China. The white color clothing is appropriate in Japanese and Korean wedding events.

Superstitions and cultural sensitivities Marketers should avoid offending the culture superstitions and culture sensitivities. This is a very important factor to marketer considering the products before to go to the market. Japan There are many superstitions and Cultural sensitivities “4” is pronounced a s shi in Japanese which is same to the word death “9” is pronounced ku in Japanese which is same to the word pain. So, marketer should avoid using no. 4 & 9 in their products. Hospitals usually have written 4th & 9th floors.

An omamori is a lucky charm sold at Jinja a shinto shrime each shine has a spirit which has one or several power. The marketers should be very carefully when they are using an omanmori in printing. Jichinsari is one of traditional shinto rituals. People believed that a new building ahs to get the permission of earth spirit. So, the ceremony of Jichinsai is very common in the grand opening of new building. A thousand year ago, Japan has used the twelve animals in this calendar. It is called Juni-shi marketers can use this animal in their product to match in the same year.

Korea Korean realizes that talk at the dinner table can bring the bad lucky. So, they are eating very fast. Moreover, there are no separate dishes in Korea meals so people needs to eat quickly and prevent to the food still is hot. The most of important factors influencing the conduct and the relationship with others is Kibun. People believe to damage the Kibun may effectively cut off relationships and create an enemy. China Chinese think that put the red colored paper in a storefront window, the store will go out of business quickly.

The blooming narrisins whose flowers look like to golden cups is a sign of good luck in China. “14””4″ ,”7″ are unlucky number in Chinese, people don’t order 7 dishes in the meal and building without 4th floor and companies are always stepped the 14th anniversary. Modesty There are many different between 3 Asian countries in modesty The culture is included in the sex and bodily function. Japan Japan is very interesting country in modesty because they look like very shy and polite but they can accept the sexuality plays in the society.

Nudity is permitted in the advertising to show in the public place. You can see the bare-breasted woman in the newspapers and on television. It is affected by the Western Culture because they like to follow and copy to them. Japanese is still a big man-national country. Women are following to the men and serving them every times. Marketers always use this feature in their advertising. China Chinese is always keeping good relationship with others because they think that the respect for others is very important.

If someone appreciate the Chinese people, they will answer”no, it’s nothing because it means that it is nothing special to accomplish it, you also can do it. In China, modesty is regarded as a principal moral. Since kindergarten, children are taught to be modest both in family and friends. It is very difficult to see the nudity in the common place in China because of prohibition. In the feudal society in China, people used to understand that everyone is equal and fair. They always remember the Confucian saying “Be modest to everybody at any time, at any place”.