These brief which contains a proposition of what

These different forms of advertising agencies is good for a large business such as the ‘United Colors of Benetton’ as they have their own particular job and work together as a team. Account Management Account Management is agencies who work with all other agencies to make sure that they all get their job done and reach their deadlines. They are responsible for co-coordinating and organizing the other agencies in the full service agency, and ensure that they reach their deadlines and know what is required.

They get the brief from the clients and are responsible of ensuring that the other agencies do their work properly. For example, they make the creative team hurry up with the idea making and make sure that they reach their deadlines on their ideas. They work with clients who are the customers and find out information about what they like and dislike pass the information from the clients to the other members of the agencies. Creative Team The Creative team is agencies who are responsible for the idea making for the business advertising.

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They are the ones who will come up with the idea as they see the brief which contains a proposition of what the clients’ whishes to communicate to the target audience, and the creative team will transform the proposition into something exciting and attractive to the target audience. They develop a vision for what it will look like and how it will work, this can be known as the creative concept as they come up with the ideas on how the advertisement is going to work and how it is going to look like and what it is going to be about.

They also thin about what interest their customers’ ands what would excite them and turn it into something useful, as for example in the United Colors of Benetton the creative team come up with the promotional campaigns on promoting on different races, bringing different cultures together and different religions together. The word used to express the creative concept is called ‘Copy’ where the words will be written by the copywriters.

Also the images shown on the advertisement which show ‘Pictures and Diagrams’ known as the ‘Design or Layout’ are created by the designers, and it is very important that the copywriters and the designers work closely together to turn the idea into reality. Traffic and Production Team They take the ideas from the creative team and make it happen in real life. They are in charge of the product the physical and artistic up such as marketing communication. In case of a TV advertisement they would commission scripts, recruit actors, the film crews and supporting activities such as costumes and catering.

They would organize all the models and other people who are going to be used in any type of advertisement, and if they were to advertise on printing adverts, the traffic and production team would commission and will be responsible for advertising materials such as direct materials, magazines advertisements or even posters etc. So it is up to them to turn written words and designed pictures and layouts into reality and make it really happening. Account Planning Team They are the customer researchers as they know what their customers like and dislike and feed the information to the creative team.

They use secondary data to support any of their decisions made and would rarely commission original research. They help support the creative team by supplying data and opinions on what is actually occurring in the market and finding out the kind of things that the customers are interested in, and giving that information to the creative team to give them an idea on what to promote and show to the customers. So they make sure that the creative team knows what to think about and how to bring an interest to them when advertising.

With materials supplied by +organizations such as ‘Mori, Data monitor, ACORN etc’ the Account Planning Team are able to build an image of the customers and different market segments to help the creative team with their work. Media Team The media team will organize the timing and scheduling of the marketing communication campaigns as they organize the timeslot and know where the posters should be located or even know how long the TV advertisement will last or how many times it will be shown on different programs or even look at the best slots in which to run advertising where they can catch viewers all around the world.

They may also think about whether they are going to do sponsorships as their logos can come up straight before they show any sort of programs which can be a good way on catching viewers as it can be quite expensive they would think about how much it they would have to pay and how much the advertising would cost in order for them to maintain their profit making. Describe how Fabrica will have helped United Colors of Benetton develop and deliver the marketing campaign you have chosen to concentrate in.

Fabrica have up to 50 young creative selected among the best schools all over the world. 20 consultants, who are experts in their specific fields: design, photography, video, music, interactive, graphics and writing. 10 technical coordinators specialized in audio, video, new media. And then art directors, photo editors and producers. This is good for Benetton as they are able to give the best advertising campaign for Benetton where they come up with the kinds of image, which will be set for them.

Fabrica having these different expertise in the advertising business, as they offer ‘Naming, Brand design and Corporate image, Advertising (print, outdoor, video, radio), Media planning and acquisition, Graphic design, Product Design, Packaging, Trade fair stand etc’ which help offer some of the best advertising campaign throughout the world where they are able to launch Benetton’s new spring/summer clothing with different types of campaigns.

As Benetton are launching new spring/summer clothing for 06, Fabrica help promote their different products and make sure that people all over the world are aware of the new launches coming. Fabrica has designed a Benetton website for customers to see the collections of the new types of clothing, promotions which is soon to be launch on posters, catalogues or even magazines, and updates of Benetton’s new products.

Fabrica still think about the image of the United Colors of Benetton, which is about varieties of colors and Fabrica- emphasizes Benetton’s style as a very colorful navigation which includes slideshows, music, and campaign images. Fabrica has helped Benetton come up with many different promotions such as ‘Website adverts, large billboards, catalogue advertisements, front window advertising, large poster and even magazine advertisements’.

Each of these different adverts has been planed by Fabrica as they are the ones who think about what is going to be said on some of the adverts or what images they are going to use, or the kind of music they are going to use to bring the theme of Spring/Summer 06 clothing into action. Also they are the ones who decide on how they are going to lay the adverts out, and what pages in magazines or catalogues they are going to put their images and writings on.

They also come up with when and where the advert is going to be shown so they can target the right customers at the right time. By doing this, it helps save Benetton a lot of time and money as they do not have the skills and knowledge and qualification on advertising, so by them using Fabrica, it helps them a lot, which benefits their business as they do not have to waste a lot of time think about what adverts they are going to use, and when it will be, and how it will be done as they know nothing about it.