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Restaurant industry is very competitive. It is highly competitive because every restaurant tries its best to establish a competitive edge over its rival brands. Those restaurants that have succeeded in branding themselves appropriately had done so by employing diversified strategies to win bigger market shares. McDonald, Starbuck and King Burger are some of the most popular restaurants in the World.

These restaurants have used strategies such as differentiation, strategic pricing as well as proper branding through appropriate advertising to promote the awareness of their brands. Advertising is considered as one of the main strategy that is very instrumental in promoting company’s products/services (Katz, 2010). In order for any advertisement to be highly effective, there is a need to conduct a market research before selecting the kind of advertisement to adopt.

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Advertising research helps to identify the advertisements that are extremely efficient in motivating clients to purchase products or services. An advertisement research is very important as it indicates the most appropriate medium to use when advertising (Lake, 2012). There are different medium that can be used to effectively brand products or a services. The choice of the medium to use mostly depends on the behavior of the targeted people.

Advertisements are nowadays published mainly on magazines or a newspaper, they are also broadcasted on Television, radio or published on the internet. Thus, in order to establish the most suitable advertisement for a particular company, product or service, it is advisable for such undertaking to be preceded by an advertisement research in order for effectiveness (Honomichl, 1986).

Twister’s Pizza which is a newly founded restaurant has initially undertaken a very important step of promoting itself as well as its products and services through advertisement.

The restaurant had greatly benefited from the advertisement that its agency had initially launched. The restaurant had benefited from increased sales that helped the restaurant to realize high revenues. The later discontinuation of the advertisement resulted in performance of the restaurant. Therefore, the loaming decision for Twister’s advertising agency to use the same advertisement it was initially using to brand the restaurant is subject to debate.

The management can opt to give its advertisement agency the go ahead to launch the same advertisement they had used there before as a result of its past record of success in motivating customers to use the restaurant’s facilities as well as to buy its products.

By doing so, the management of Twisters restaurant and the advertising agency will assume that the new advertisement will be successful in bringing in more new customers into the restaurants as there before. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that the new advertisement was meant to advertise a new restaurant that was not in existence there before. In addition, it is also important to factor in the ever changing customers likes and preferences.

Although the former Twister’s advertising was very effective in bringing in new customers to the restaurant, it is apparent that those customers that visited the restaurant disappeared with the discontinuation of the advertisement. This was not in order since these customers were supposed to continue visiting the restaurant, despite the discontinuation of the advertisement as they were conversant with the quality of the services as well as the products offered by Twister Restaurant.

Similarly, these customers were supposed to be more customers into Twister Restaurant through referrals if they were happy with its dishes and services. Therefore, that is why it is necessary for an advertisement research to be conducted to determine the nature of the advertisement the Twisters advertising agency should design and use to advertise Twisters Restaurant.

There are two kinds of research that are conducted by companies in order to establish the most appropriate advertisement to undertake. Syndicate is one of the researches that is conducted by a company and is made available to other companies. Customized research is the other type of research that is conducted and is usually founded on certain criteria and is mostly conducted for a particular company and its results are private.

Therefore, Twisters Restaurant requires conducting a customized research that will be tailored for the company and its results only available to appropriate stakeholders. The managements should recommend for a pre-testing type of customized research that indicates in depth efficiency of an advertisement before it is officially launched.

It is noted that the more the pre-testing is done the more it becomes easier to predict its results. The pre-testing research that will be conducted will help Twisters management as well as Twisters advertising agency note the level of attentiveness that customers show, brand linkage, motivation as well as entertainment ad communication that are most suited for the advertisement.

This will be realized after the breaking down of the flow of emotions and attention and studying them separately in order to integrate them accordingly in the advertisement being developed. This will help to identify the weak points in the advertisements being developed and replace them. The tests are advisable to be applied during the storyboard phase of the ad that is being development. Introducing the tests at this early stage increases the predictive of the ad being developed.

At this juncture, the images generated will be selected and used as incorporated campaign print ad for greater reliability of the final advertisement produced. Moreover, the post-testing research should follow the pre-testing study. These studies can either be syndicated or customized. After conducting the pots-testing research over a long time span, it will show how the developed advertisement will promote the Twisters Restaurant products and services prior to its actual administering.

This research will be very important to Twisters Restaurant as it will help to understand its brand linkage, awareness, preference, performance as well as product attitudes and usage. This research will either be conducted by telephone or internet and it indicate whether the finished advertisement will be able to achieve its intended objective (Young, 2005).

Thus, it is imperative that the management of Twisters advertisement should request first for an advertising research to be conducted. Although this will cost the Restaurant extra costs, it will help to increase the reliability of the advertisement being used by making sure that the final advertisement developed will be very effective in motivating customers to visit Twisters Restaurant.

This is because the advertisement research conducted helps the advertising agencies monitor the advertisement development in order to facilitate the effectiveness of the final advertisement. The high cotemporary changes in tastes and preferences of customers are difficult to track, but it is imperative for every single advertisement being developed to be preceded by an advertisement research in order to enhance the quality of the advertisement.

It is from this line that Twisters Restaurant does not have other better option, but to recommend for an advertisement research to precede the development of the advertisement in question. Through this way, the advertisement that will be used by the Restaurant will be very effective.

Part 2

Coca-Cola is known as the most famous and biggest selling soft drink in the world. It was created in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton and patented in 1887. It was registered as a trade mark in 1893. Surprisingly, after two years later, it had proliferated to the United States of America. Nowadays, Coca-Cola has become a universal soft drink in the World where it is sold in all regions in the globally.

Coca-Cola is thus regarded as the most persistent and highly loved brand in history. It is also regarded as the longest surviving brand that we have currently. The success of Coca-Cola can be attributed to its highly effective advertising and marketing strategy. Coca-Cola has ever relied on its advertisement to promote as well as to market its brand. That is the strategy that Coca-Cola has used to remain at the top as one of the l present leading successful company.

Coca-Cola has been in the market for more than a century (Arandilla, 2012). Its advertisements have been very effective and thus affected the pop culture as well as the World at range. The first Coca-Cola advertisement published in a newspaper did not show a lot of creativity as well as art work. The second newspaper advertisement that was published was an improvement of the first one and it was longer and more persuasive ad than the first one.

The ad promoted Coca-Cola as a refreshing, exhilarating, delicious as well as invigorating drink. During this era, there were no acts that regulated advertisements that were being used. Thus, the ad was tailored in such a manner to exaggerate about Coca-Cola. The developed claimed Coca-Cola as an intellectual beverage, temperance drink that was considered to cure headache as well as neuralgia (Krugman, 1977).

The Coca-Cola ad continued to improve with time. Because of the government regulations, Coca-Cola marketing department stopped using information such as Coca-Cola can cure headache that was deceptive. Instead, the advertising agency came up with strategic slogans such as ‘I can buy the world a coke’ which were very instrumental in selling Coca-Cola within America as well as in the other parts of the World.

In 2006, Coca-Cola came up with a very instrumental campaign ad whose theme was on encouraging people to consume Coca-Cola. The campaign provoked people to take Coca-Cola in order to feel happy and to be positive. The ad encouraged people to love everyone and view the world in full color. This message touched many people and many people embraced Coca-Cola brand as it promoted a very essential value of love to the society (Thorson & Moore, 1986).

The research about the proliferation of Coca-Cola Worldwide was very informative. The study has shed light on how effective appropriate use of advertisement can be in the branding process. Coca-Cola used very captivating ad that greatly moved many people. The Coca Cola advertising agency is very effective in conducting its advertising research.

The research helps the agency to establish the level of attentiveness that customers show, brand linkage, motivation as well as entertainment and communication that are most suited for the advertisement. Through this method, the agency is in a position to develop ads that are very effective in persuading more people to consume Coca-Cola.

This information that was gathered from this research is very reliable. The reason why the information gathered can be considered as true and valid is because of the linkage of the high extent of Coca-Cola advertisement and how it has promoted the awareness and sale of its products worldwide.

Coca-Cola Company has used appropriate slogans to encourage people to consume Coca-Cola. Some of the messages that Coca-Cola advertising company has used in branding itself teaches very essential values to the society. For example, the messages about taking Coca-Cola in order to be happy, positive and to love everybody were very effective in promoting Coca-Cola.

Therefore, the information gathered is very relevant to the planning advertisement as it will inform them about the importance of effective advertisement in the branding process.

Both Twister’s marketing management and twisters advertising management will stop taking the advertisement process for granted and instead advocate for an advertisement research to be conducted initially in order to establish the most appropriate advertisement to adopt.

Similarly, the Twisters management will learn that advertisement is very imperative in the branding process after learning how it has helped Coca-Cola in becoming the longest surviving as well as the most successful company worldwide.

Therefore, in future Twister’s management will stop considering the money it uses for advertisement as a waste, but instead, it will take it as an appropriate investment. Through this process, the restaurant will never discontinue the advertisement process any longer, but instead it will always enhance the advertisement process. Through this way, the restaurant will augment its sales greatly and extend its operations to other regions to become among the most successful restaurants in the world.

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