Advantages gamers share an intra-network connection for

of gaming router

for a change

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Imagine the following scenario. You are in
between a multi-player game and almost on the verge of winning. You have
chalked out all your strategies and ready to apply them. Suddenly the internet
speed bogs down and you are out of the game. All your well-planned strategies
went in vain. A truly frustrating experience indeed. Does this happen very
often? If you are facing gaming lags, buffering, skips, etc. and access only a
limited range of international gaming options then it is the right time to opt
for a gaming router. Experience of a game without a gaming router is just like
having speed-bumps in the Formul1A racing tracks. A specialized router designed
just to give you a better and smooth gaming experience. They are not only more
reliable but have some pretty cool features which even very costly standard
routers don’t possess. One thing can be said for sure; once you switch to a
high-performance gaming router you will never ever want to switch back over to
a cheap router again. Are you ready for the change and having all new smoothing
experience in the virtual world?

of gaming router

You might think that any router that extends an
internet connection to other devices on your network (such as gaming consoles
and PCs) or lets gamers share an intra-network connection for multi-gamer
playing would be enough. However, picking any standard router could hinder an
optimized gaming experience. Remember in online games ping times are critical.
Obviously the lower the ping the less lag, so make that a priority. The best
router for gaming also helps in making sure that you get the gaming bandwidth
that you need when you are playing online even when there are a lot of
different devices connected to your wireless network. Your son was busy in
taking an online tutorial, your wife was aggressively surfing for new recipes,
your daughter is watching online videos but your ping/latency didn’t wavier a
bit. This means that you will not have to search for a device downloading an
application because your gaming router will take care of it for you.

These gaming routers are very different from
regular routers. They use advanced technology and also have some very reliable
extra features that you won’t find in your standard router. Gaming routers typically
have a bit more RAM, higher state stables, better Ethernet interfaces, better
CPU for lower latency, ability to give a certain computer a QoS priority,
and  most importantly good traffic
shaping features. Besides they also provide extra ports beneficiaries for multiplayer
game, better security.

Fortunately, router technology has evolved and
there are now gaming type routers that are made specifically for handling the
heavy gaming workloads. Remember your gaming router has to handle tons of
network data every single second just to give you a smooth gaming experience.
Furthermore, these routers double as not just a gaming utility but will benefit
everyone else who uses the internet. Netflix, downloading music, video, and
other large files will all become faster. Investing in such top-notch router
for gaming is surely going to pay dividends if you plan on doing a lot of
gaming and as an added benefit will make all internet related tasks better.
Your house may even become the place to gather for marathon gaming sessions
with your buddies.

How to
choose a gaming router

Buying a technical device can be a devastating
task for some and a breeze for others. This is because we just don’t know how
to choose a suitable gaming router. But you have to be very cautious in
choosing a router for gaming. You should make sure that the router contains the
following essential features and you’ll achieve the ideal network for gaming!
High Bandwidth range, Dual Band Wi-Fi or Tri-Band Latest standard of 802.11 ac.
(This indicates that it supports Gigabits speed) Good Data rate High-Frequency
band (Preferable 5 GHz) QoS (Quality of service) Good Software and Security
Features. These are the basic features a good gaming router should have. But of
course, this all also depends on your budget. If money is not an issue, you
don’t need to make compromises. Just optimize your selection decision by
looking and combining all the above features and staying within your budget.