Activity realizes that no one is questioning these

Activity 3: Part I, Chapter 1Describe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?The first Chapter acquaint the reader with the harsh and oppressive world in which the novel’s protagonist, Winston Smith, lives. The living conditions are bad, the houses are in miserable conditions, the people can’t enjoy their lives. Every sign of freedom or fun gets forbidden by the government. In addition, everyone is getting observed by the Thought police trough bis telescreens. It seems like that the population has no real feelings anymore and that the life itself has no value. If you had to pick a color for the first chapter, it would be the most boring grey you can think of. Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.The diary fascinates Winston because it is an artifact from the past, an obsolete and forbidden object. Winston’s inability to pinpoint the date suggests the degree of control the Party exerts over reality and the historical record. I think the diary has an important role for Winston because he is seeing an individual aspect in it. Something that helps him realising the situation and circumstances he lives in. Not only that, it is also possible to back up his thoughts and store them, which is something rare in his daily life.  Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”. In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does Winston appear to react differently to other people (example)? Everyone gets furious and kicks, hits and shouts. Everyone is doing exactly the same and reacts the same way. Also Winston is doing so. One one hand, he likes that feeling he gets, when everyone is doing the same thing. It gives him a sense of security and unity. But on the other hand he realizes that no one is questioning these methods and that they are all acting like robots, without any emotional context, except anger in this case.