According warm shade with just a hint of

to Pantone who recently unveiled its colour of the year choice for 2018, Ultra
Violet is the colour to paint your room. 
As the colour is very bold it might be better to start off with using it
as an accent colour or incorporate as a piece of art and as an accessory.

when I visited the January Furniture show in Birmingham this year everything
was much bolder with very opulent colours on show. Sofas were beautifully
enhanced in deep colours of blue, reds emerald green fuchsia pinks and purple,
very jewel like.

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Moore’s colour of the year2018 is “Caliente” which is a strong shade of red.
It’s a lovely warm shade with just a hint of orange. This colour is also ideal
as an accent colour or on a feature wall.

Dulux has announced
its Colour of the Year 2018. Heart Wood is a warm neutral shade. It’s between a
smokey taupe and a dusky mauve.  The
colour has a warm feeling to it and will team up nicely with lighter pinks and

Walls are
much darker this year with “Oceanside” from Sherwin-Williams in a rich
blue-green. Shades of black, which is apparently replacing white this year, and
a lush teal is everywhere in room sets showing off this seasons furniture.
These colours set off the rich velvet sofas, brass and copper accessories which
are abundant this year.

Pink” is another colour that will be on-trend. I certainly wouldn’t want too
much of it in my home, but it does go very well with the metallics and palm
plants that are very popular right now.

shades of clay, terracotta and ochre also feature this year on global-inspired
prints. Also, the botanical theme continues with rich greens mixed with marble
and metallic on prints, cushions and accessories.

to Pinterest walls will be decorated in soft grey-green which was the most
saved colour in 2017. The colour is set to be splashed across bedrooms in 2018
with it been adopted as the “new neutral”.

are certainly a lot of colours to choose from and if you don’t want to be bold
you can still be on-trend with the softer colours