According keeping your keys in hand as



According to sources every
two minutes a woman in India is raped, and one out of four women will be the
victim of a violent crime by someone known to the victim. I still
remember a condition of my very good female friend during school days who was assaulted
by her brother itself or one of my relative’s daughter who shared with me such
incidence done by my own relative and I have many more experiences of my own
female relatives to share with you, when I look back I just ask one question to
myself and to them as well, “Is there any way we could have saved ourselves and
taught them a life time lesson?”

Would you be able to
defend yourself if some is trying to hares you?  Once you read this blog I can guarantee you
will.  Here’s how to prepare for and stay
safe in any unwanted violent situations.

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Prevention Is better than cure the Best Self-Defense

First, remember that
prevention is the best self-defense. Perverts are looking for unsuspecting,
vulnerable girls. So be sure to follow general safety tips like being aware of
your surroundings, do not give lift to strangers, if any relatives are trying
to approach you or touch you let your parents or elders know about it, don’t take
lift even you know the other person very well when you are alone try to avoid
it, only walking and parking in well light areas, keeping your keys in hand as
you approach your door or car, varying your route and times of travel,  and other personal security
precautions. If you can handle a situation by handing
over your purse or money or whatever they want, do that. Hand over your money
rather than fight. Nothing you own is worth more than your life or health.

Moreover, to really
defend yourself, you will have to be confident at first place how to fight back
effectively; it’s possible even against someone stronger than you. Here are
some basic self defense techniques that can keep you safe, all these have been
tried and it really works in any damn situation.

My mother tip Target Highly Sensitive
Pressure Points

When I was growing my mother taught me how to hit between
two legs, target genital, She gifted me a paper spray as well, that tiny bottle
is still exist somewhere in my handbag,

It’s hurt or be hurt. When you’re in a
situation, you only have a few seconds and a few moves to try. Before pervert has
gained full control of you, you must do everything you can to inflict injury so
you can go away.  So target for the parts
of the body where you can do the most damage easily.


I will explain you what all body parts can be
targeted in such situation and how?

Here are few pictures can
explain you more about on targetting these highly sensitive pressure points


If you want to make
your escape easier then this trick will surely help you, Scratching, Gouging or
poking, in his eyes with your fingers or knuckles would be so effective, as you
can imagine in your mind right now. Besides causing a lot of pain in eyes, If
there are more than one person then this can be difficult to do but there are
other tricks also so no need to worry at all


 If he is coming near to you, use the heel of
your sandal to bang up under his nose and throw the whole weight of your body
into the move to cause the most pain this will loosen up his grip on you very
easily. If he’s behind you, you can bang his nose from any of your side with
your elbow too  Either way, aim for the
nasal bones if possible this will make him feel unconscious for a while.


Neck can be quick to
target if his height is not much more then you, on the neck both the carotid
artery and jugular vein are located in case if you don’t know, You could
possibly stun him with a knife hand strike at the side of the neck. For even more
injury, you could thrust your elbow into your his throat while pitching the
weight of your body towards him. This is how he will lost his balance on you.


We can say that Knee
is the most ideal self defense; we have been seeing our heros in bollywood
doing the same, Kick the side of the knee to cause injury or partially incapacitate
him. Kicking the front of the knee may cause more injury but is less likely to
result in imbalance, you have to it very carefully without risk of your foot
being grabbed, Kicking is always a first choice of girls, and it’s easy and can
be very scary for him.

Hope, this
small effort of mine can be helpful to any of my readers, If you would like to
learn some more tricks then you write in the comment section below.