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According to the website, China is one of the most polluted areas on earth, so China decided to use renewable energy, which includes wind, hydropower and solar energy.Well they did not technically use renewable energy, they used some coal and oil, but China at least hinder the chance of pollution.What Is HydropowerHydropower is the most widely used form of renewable energy and it increase about 3.1 percent each year, well China’s hydropower total capacity is 22 percent higher than other countries and their hydropower installations are target to reach around 430 Gigawatts (GW) and hydropower became one of China’s main focus.The Process Of HydropowerHydropower’s process is very magnificent, the water behind the dam flows through an admission and pushes against the blades in a turbine, causing them to turn. The turbine spins the generator to produce electricity, and water was stored in an reservoir.The Good And Bad Sides Of HydropowerHydropower is a clean renewable energy and also produces no greenhouse gases but in overtime, dams may self destruct which controls the water flow and that could lead to serious flooding. Dams are very expensive but it is a very important property to produce hydropower. Even though it is very expensive, it could save the earth from dying just by using water to produce energy!The Process Of Solar EnergyThe solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC), then an inverter converts electricity from direct current to alternating current (AC), and AC powers your home.  Extra electricity may be used by the grid, solar electricity is stored using either batteries or the grid, solar heating is stored using thermal mass or water tanks. The Good And Bad Sides Of Solar EnergySolar energy is cheaper to sue in remote places then running electric wires but solar panels are so expensive and sun is not always prevalent, well at day it charges enough for day and night but for that day it needed to be so sunny, also it could only be used at individual houses.The Process Of Wind EnergyWind energy is a energy that only use wind to make electricity, and in order to make electricity, the wind goes through the blade, which spins a shaft, and it is connected to a generator and makes electricity and the energy is usually stored in large underground tanks.The Good And Bad Sides Of Wind Energy The wind turbines can be built on existing farms and is very low maintenance cost but the wind turbines create a lot of noise and is a threat to wildlife in remote locations, also wind energy is used often in farms because at those areas, their place is more windy and that makes a lot of electricity.Renewable energy is so important because we are running out of resources and the non-renewable energy produce a lot of pollution and pollution is keep spreading, if we don’t use renewable energy, our earth would collapse at the future. That is why our countries is start using renewable energy and China wanted to double the amount of renewable energy by 2020, all because they do not want their countries to fade away, same as the earth.