ABSTRACT survey was built on considerations and criteria



Portuguese Higher Education portfolio has expanded over the last forty years,
and is now characterized by a diverse range of universities and institutions.
Not only with the transformation that the industry suffered through the Bologna
Process, but also with the higher mobility between the members of the EU, it
has been seen that over the last past years, the number of graduates with
master’s degree has grown.

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            In order to
promote the programs towards its audience – students, academics, parents and
other stakeholders-, many universities and institutions have started showing
signs of adaption marketing for the purpose.

            In this
competitive market, obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage position
where the targeted audience sees higher value than in its competitors’
proposition, it is vital for sustainability and digital has appeared to stand
up, and help the market with its tools.

this thesis consists on the implications of a digital strategy on Management
Master Programs in Portugal, and it sounds pertinent to develop this study to
analyze with the implications of the adoption of digital infrastructure for the
attraction and retention of its main stakeholders – students and future
students. Many higher education programs worldwide have been using digital
marketing in its activities, so analyzing the opportunity in the Portuguese
market can come as a benefit for Portugal. 

            After a
clear definition of a set of concepts regarding strategy, marketing, digital
and higher education market, an online questionnaire was created. This survey
was built on considerations and criteria that students and future academics
would consider important to attract and retain them into higher education
programs. After the primary data collection, and analyzing them in the
following section, discussion on the analysis and recommendation for higher
education programs such as management in Portugal is part of the thesis.

            The results
show that  BLA BLA BLA BLA


Keywords: Higher education marketing; Management master
programs in Portugal; marketing strategy in higher education in Portugal;
digitalization in universities and institutions; Social Media, Internet;
quality evaluation







             Esta tese consiste na proposta da análise e
avaliação das implicações de uma estratégia digital sobre os cursos de mestrado
em Gestão em Portugal. O estudo pretende analisar os possíveis efeitos que uma
abordagem mais digital e de adoção de uma infraestrutura digital para as
universidades e politécnicos do ensino superior em mestrado de gestão e que
possam vir a beneficiar em Portugal. Desta forma, assim como tem vindo a
acontecer no mundo corporativo, havendo uma melhor relação com o alvo – neste
caso, os estudantes, e a otimização de recursos de pessoal, de utilização de infraestruturas
e de tempo e de uma melhor monotorização da qualidade dos programas, as
universidades podem conseguir atrair um maior leque de futuros estudantes.

            O tópico da tese surge devido a
crescimento da competitividade do mercado do ensino superior. Nos últimos anos
está a ser verificar um aumento do número de institutos e universidades, quer
públicas, quer privadas.  Este registo
deve-se, não só devido à entrada na União Europeia que permitiu o movimento livre
de pessoas, como também após a transformação devido ao processo de Bologna na
educação do país. Notoriamente, o número de estudantes com o título de mestrado
também aumentou. Este estudo pretende analisar os critérios escolhidos por
estudantes na preferência de um mestrado em Gestão em Portugal, desta forme,
podendo formular uma estratégia digital.

Têm sido
registadas também, nos últimos anos, um crescimento na evolução da tecnologia e
da sua adoção no mundo do mercado. Para promover os programas, universidades
tem adotado conceitos de marketing e beneficiado das vantagens do mesmo. No
entanto, atualmente no mundo do mercado, verifica-se a tendência para
estratégias digitais, como as redes sociais e SEO. Este estudo irá tentar
perceber se em alguns critérios para a escolha do mestrado de gestão em
Portugal, algum é relacionado com modelos digitais.

Por conseguinte,
após uma clara definição de um conjunto de conceitos, relacionados com
marketing, estratégia e plano digital no ensino superior em Portugal, foi
criado um questionário online. Os resultados analisados aparecem no capítulo

Os resultados
mostram que BLA BLA BLA


Marketing no Ensino superior; Mestrado de Gestão; Plano de marketing no Ensino
Superior em Portugal; Digitalização nas Universidades e Instituições; Redes
sociais; Internet; avaliação da qualidade






I sent an e-mail to professor Álvaro Rosa when I decided to
enter this journey leading to my completed thesis. I expressed my interest in
some topics and his reply, to my surprise, was a positive one and rather
challenging to me since the early start. Although there has been innumerable
delays and setbacks, this journey was covered with a rollercoaster of emotions
such as enthusiasm to frustration and despair to excitement, enjoyment, joy and

This thesis represents a reflection of hard work over the
years rather than a conquest. It symbolizes all the learning I gained through
my academic years and my passion for knowledge that I kept seeking during this
journey. Hopefully this driving force will nurture the achievement of future
victories along the way.

My deepest gratitude goes to all characters and individuals
part of my life as they were the main contributors for my success in academics
and continuously developing oneself in personal life. To professor Álvaro Rosa,
the mastermind, support, pillar and keystone for the result of this final
project. To my mom and dad, who always demonstrated support in my life choices
and decisions that I took. To my one and only sister, for the precious help and
never-ending support. To my close and special friend, José Côrte, who was
always been by my side, and the perfect role model during this journey – a very
big thank you (‘between us’).  To Rita a
very special thank you for all the patient and special support and strength
given. To my childhood friends and recent friends, whose positive energy and
attitudes always took my thoughts away from work.