Abstract: with the help of innovative technologies and

Abstract: It has been nearly a quarter century
since commercial use of the Internet and the World Wide Web(www) began. During
this time the business landscape has changed at a frenetic pace.Multinational
corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon 
unheard of twenty years ago, have emerged as key players in our modern
economy. Corporations
now highlight the importance of creating a”digital relationship”with customers
.Moreover, digital technologies and devices such as smart phones, the Internet
of Things , Artificial Intelligence,and deep learning all promise significant
transformations of consumers stay with the near future.      

automation of the marketing process nowadays seems to be the only solution to
face the major changes brought by the fast evolution of technology and the
continuous increase in supply and demand of the PoS(product and services). In
order to achieve the desired marketing results, businesses have to make use of
digital marketing and communication services which are the basic in the
Automation tools. These services are efficient and measurable thanks to the
marketing technologies and tools used to track, score and implement each campaign based on the customer segmentation . Due to the vast progress,
the marketing fragmentation, demand for customized products and services on one
side and the need to achieve constructive dialogue with the customers,
immediate and flexible response and the necessity to measure the investments and the results on the other side, the traditional marketing approach had been changed
and added with new process continuously to improve substantially.

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Marketing automation, automation
tools,online marketing, customer relationship       management.


1. Introduction

In order to face competition,
companies need to maintain a effective relationship with their existing
customers and drag the new customers by anticipating their future needs with
the help of innovative technologies and automated tools. Thus, companies target
customers as individuals rather as groups. Social media websites or direct
calls and emails can help companies to gather information which helps to
analyze and forecast about their customers based on there interest. But to be
able to use this unprocessed data, companies need to use technologies like
marketing automation tools.

on the marketing fragmentation plenty
of automated tools use email marketing strategies to reach customers to nurture them, And it is
considered as effective for online lead and to reach customers based on few