ABSTRACT the sun to produce electricity by

ABSTRACT : INTRODUCTION-As doctors and administrators we have been trained to think about human resources, drugs and equipment-not electricity.  Solar energy is the gift generated from the sun to produce electricity by the method of photovoltaics. Hospitals fully depend upon electricity. Solar power system where it saved too many lives during disaster times and also in countries with lack of electricity in many hospitals around the world. A recent study of 11 major sub-Saharan African countries found that roughly 1 in 4 health facilities had no access to electricity, and only about one-third of hospitals had reliable electricity access. OBJECTIVE-To understand the need for solar energy in hospitals

2.to know the efficiency of solar energy usage in hospital

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3. To understand how solar energy saved lives during the disaster and at places with lack of electricity.

Methodology: 1. Used Google Scholar, PubMed and Scopus search engines. Keywords used are “solar AND power AND system AND in AND hospitals” and randomly selected the articles which contain about solar energy usage in hospitals.

2. Articles and news collected from reputed newspapers and other websites.

RESULTS:  Over 570 Primary health centres in Chhattisgarh were installed off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) systems of 2kW each and it helped in many medical services such as deliveries and emergencies at night and less equipment was damaged from power fluctuations in some solar powered PHCs. In Libya, nine hospitals have solar panels, giving half a million people access to uninterrupted health services. The World Bank conducted a study of all first-line public health clinics in Liberia and found that electricity access increased from 54% in 2011 to 62% in 2012, mainly due to the installation of solar PV systems. In Haiti, it’s estimated the hospital will create more than 800 new jobs for Haitians. In Haiti, electricity is expensive: The price per kilowatt hour is 35 cents, compared with 5.5 cents in New England. Using solar is expected to slash $379,000 from the hospital’s projected annual operating costs. World Class Hospital, Power Projects Top AfDB’s $2bn Target Investments in Nigeria. In Saint Francis hospital, Hartford installed 1485 panels which generated 535,000kilowatts of annual electricity production they were saving energy, money, and its green technology that’s helping to protect environment

Conclusion: The study reviewed that solar power system saved lives across worlds. It reduced the electricity cost while comparing with diesel generators. It helped during disaster times for saving lives. It also provided electricity in places with lack of electricity and mainly it helped to protect the environment.

Keywords: Solar energy, solar power system, hospitals.