A winding, but there is a path, and

A startup company  is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by
developing a viable business model around an innovative product, service, process or a platform. A startup is usually a company designed to effectively develop
and validate a scalable business model.The startup company should decides Which type of customer
do they target? What precise product will they create? and How do they organize
themselves most effectively to make it happen? In one book written by”jeff
bussgang” he told about three types of start-ups stages which is compared to
road building(metaphor) :

the jungle stage, we have no idea where the paths are. There is a tangled mess
all around us. That’s what a startup is in the very early stages. Many use the
term pre-product/market fit to characterize this nascent stage of a startup,
which means the product is not yet being embraced by customers and there is
more work to do to figure out how to fit with what the particular market

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the dirt-road stage, the path is more laid out. It’s bumpy and it’s winding,
but there is a path, and the goal is to try to go down it as quickly as
possible. When we are on the dirt road, we are typically post-product/market fit
and we are starting to find a repeatable business model and address the early
challenges of scale.

the highway stage, everything is smooth. There are four lanes, and we are
flying down the road at seventy or eighty miles an hour. It’s “all systems go”:
no starts and stops, no twists and turns. It’s just straight open road. This
period is when we have passed the figuring-it-out stage with respect to the
business model and are focused on incrementally improving all aspects of the
operation. We are just executing. We are scaling more, building more, and
iterating on the machine. Google and facebook  have cultures born from startups and try hard
to retain elements of that culture.

main thing in startup should eliminate the “roles and titles” Because
a startup is so fluid, roles change, responsibilities evolve, and reporting
structures move around. Titles
represent friction, pure and simple, and the one thing we want to reduce in a
startup is friction. By avoiding titles, we avoid early employees getting
fixated on their role, who they report to, and what their scope of
responsibility is all things that rapidly change in a company’s first year or
two.Some of the startup employee qualities are:

Doing something new. Ability to be both strategic and
execution-oriented. Comfortable with uncertainty
and flexible enough to take on a series of undefined roles and tasks . Biased toward action. Analytical toward optimizing
your own time/resources. An aptitude and interest in
playing a broad role and evolving your career as the business morphs.

Larger corporation

qualities working in larger corporation:An
interest in going deep into a particular functional area or subarea.Strong
EQ (emotional intelligence) and negotiation skills .

Strong ability to
advocate for your strategies and ideas in the face of oppositionHesitant
to put in the extra effort, particularly if it’s “not my job”. Comfortable
with clear and distinct lines of responsibility, control, and communication.