A to pay adequate attention to these

lot of different ethnic and cultural groups throughout U.S.
history have fought for recognition as equal citizens. Since the fifteenth century at the
start of the transatlantic slave trade,
Africans have been fighting for their emancipation and equality. Thus making the most notable, longest, and violent struggles to be that of
African Americans. Their
fight for emancipation and equality furnished the justifiable and righteous
foundation for others participating in the fight for equality.

Today, a lack of high-paying jobs in a lot of urban areas, combined with persistent racism, has placed many African Americans in
poor neighborhoods, many
of which also suffer from high rates of crime and violence. Unfortunately police and other law
officers, intentionally
or unintentionally, tend
to engage in racial profiling.
They discriminate blacks for more attention than members of other racial and
ethnic groups. When
incidents of actual or apprehended injustices arise like this, African Americans move to the
streets to protest because they believe that politicians fail to pay adequate
attention to these problems African American and other racial groups. These protests grow bigger as more
and more occurrences of social injustices arise.
Just in the past few years,
especially in the northern states (i.e.  recently a series of deaths of young black men
at the hands of police many in Missouri and New York), African Americans are still being
marginalized and profiled.

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Also, the black community faces issues related
to education,
including the need for sufficient funding for schools serving minority students, as well as other issues with a
special impact on the community. The
performance of blacks in the education system is systematically different from
that of other racial and ethnic groups.
Decreasing  these gaps in student
achievement means that there needs to be an increase the learning progress of African
This will require the creation of public policies and legislation that support
public schools committed to identifying and setting high, worthwhile, and attainable goals for the minority
and underprivileged students. It
will also require assuring  that both the
students and the teachers are sustained in these aspirations,  and the community
is collaborating to better these efforts. There
is a need to increase diversity and cultural competence in the teaching
workforce. Recruiting
and attaining teachers of color is important.
say this because most children of color will go through their entire education
career, without having someone to  as
some children of color will go through their entire educational career without
having a teacher who looks like them or who can identify with the
distinctiveness of their cultural heritage.

and unbiased resources are important to the future success and development of
Black students. Far
too often, black
students are unnecessarily placed in special education classes, while the number of black students
who take honors and advanced courses remains significantly below that of other
School funding structures that lead to under-funding
and under-resourcing
our neediest schools have furthered the achievement gaps. All students deserve a quality
public education, and
this can only occur when we close the gaps in equity and access.