A network doesn’t need a dedicated computer to

A computer network is
when two or more computers are connected to each other which enables them to
share resources. As well as being able to share resources the two or more
computers can also communicate with one another. If computers weren’t linked,
then no network would be able to be created. A network is an integral part of
data sharing. Computer networks also allow for hardware sharing, application
sharing. There are two different types of networks, one is LAN and the other is
WAN. LAN stands for local area network and WAN stands for wide area network.

is an example of a network. LAN stands for local area network. As the name
suggests this type of network is local meaning it is limited to one particular
area. Every device such as computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones
will all be connected within the local area network. An example of where this
would occur would be a school or college. Within these organisations everyone
is connected to the same network, people external to the area won’t have
access. Within this LAN there is a server where all the information and data
are stored for all the devices connected to it. the devices within the college
i.e. computers, laptops and tablets all operate and are connected to the same
server, so file sharing is easy, data is stored on the server not the actual

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WAN is another example of a network. WAN stands for wide area network. Unlike a
LAN network a WAN network covers a far larger area. For example, a company that
operates around the world would have offices located in different locations
globally. To connect all the devices within the various offices a WAN would be
needed to connect the devices to the same network so that people using the
devices can access information required. In order for a WAN to be created the
LAN’S in the different areas of the globe would have to be connected through
the internet.

peer to peer network is when two or more computers are connected to one another
with the capability of file sharing. This type of network doesn’t need a
dedicated computer to act as a server. Instead of having the data in one place
files can be shared between all the computers in the network. There isn’t any
restriction on access anyone can share files. This type of network is used
where only a small number of computers need to be used i.e. a small office
where there are minimal employees.


client server network is where there is one dedicated modified computer or
server that stores information. with this type of network all the computers
connected to it store data on the server from the individual hard drives of the
computers in the area. This type of application is used in larger organisations
such as a college. In a college there are lots of computers but more students.
this means that there aren’t enough hard drives to store data on computers per
student. A client server network means that any student can log into any
computer and access their information. This means that less computers are


bus network is where computers are connected to one wire which splits off. A
bus network is a horizontal line with nodes connected it using vertical lines
above and beneath it. this typr of network can have devices such as computers
and printers connected to it and if either one of the devices in the network
fails then the devices after them will still work and have a connection. This network
is reliable as one failure doesn’t result in the failure of lots of devices
just one. However, the further away a device is from the source of where the
cable is the slower the connection will be. This in an organisation such as a
school will be tenths of a second because the area isn’t very large.



star network uses one main server and then has nodes coming off of the server.
This type of network uses local area networks where all the devices are
connected to the main server. If one of the devices goes offline, then the rest
of the network isn’t affected but if the main server fails then all the devices
connected won’t be able to share or access information.



tree network is a combination of a bus and star network. There is a horizontal line
to represent the cable connection but instead of nodes there is a star network
split off from the main cable. The server in the middle of the star is
connected to the main horizontal line and data is sent along the main cable to
the server and saved there.




protocols refers to a set of rules, procedures and formats that allows for
communication between two or more computers. If communication between two or
more computers is to be successful, then the two computers need to understand
the rules. The type of protocol specifies the type of communication between the
two computers. There are lots of different types of protocols.




Network standards
refers to making sure that different computers made by different companies can
all connect to the same network. This is made possible by the IEEE who make
sure that data goes to the correct end point. The IEEE is there to provide
different standards so that computers and other devices can connect to the same
networks. In order for the data to go to the correct place the correct cable or
wireless connection has to be used. The most common standard is the 802. This
standard is used as it shows where the data has come from and where it is going
to go.