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A vitality meter
is a gadget that measures the measure of electric vitality devoured by a family
unit, business, or an electrically determined gadget. Power meters are
ordinarily aligned in charging units, the most widely recognized one being the
kilowatt hour (kWh). The electric power organization which supplies the power
introduces the electric meters to gauge the measure of power devoured by each
of its clients. 3


Analysts have
proposed distinctive execution systems for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). One
has talked about in this report is the GSM based Automatic Meter Reading System
which utilizes the GSM organize for speaking with the meter.

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As business
utilization of electric vitality spread in the 1880s, it turned out to be
progressively essential that an electric vitality meter was required to
legitimately charge clients for the cost of vitality. Edison at first chipped
away at a DC electromechanical meter with an immediate perusing register, yet
rather built up an electrochemical metering framework, which utilized an
electrolytic cell to totalize current utilization. At intermittent interims the
plates were evacuated, weighed, and the client charged. 3

An early kind of
electrochemical meter utilized as a part of the United Kingdom was the ‘Reason’
meter. This comprised of a vertically mounted glass structure with a mercury
store at the highest point of the meter. As present was drawn from the supply,
electrochemical activity exchanged the mercury to the base of the segment. Like
all other DC meters, it recorded ampere-hours. Once the mercury pool was
depleted, the meter turned into an open circuit. It was subsequently
fundamental for the buyer to pay for a further supply of power. The main
precise, recording power utilization meter was a DC meter by Dr Hermann Aron,
who protected it in 1883. 3



The principal
example of the AC kilowatt-hour meter delivered based on Hungarian Otto Blathy’s
patent and named after him. These were the main substituting current watt-hour
meters, known by the name of Bláthy-meters. Additionally, around 1889, Elihu
Thomson of the American General Electric organization built up an account watt
meter (watt-hour meter) in view of an ironless commutator engine. This meter
conquered the burdens of the electrochemical sort and could work on either
substituting or direct present. 3


In 1894 Oliver
Shallenberger of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation connected the enlistment
rule beforehand utilized just in AC ampere-hour meters to deliver a watt-hour meter
of the cutting edge electromechanical frame, utilizing an acceptance plate
whose rotational speed was made corresponding to the power in the circuit. In
spite of the fact that the enlistment meter would just work on substituting
current, it dispensed with the sensitive and troublesome commutator of the
Thomson outline. 3

2.2  UNIT OF


The most widely recognized unit of estimation on
the power meter is the kilowatt hour (kWh), which is equivalent to the measure
of vitality utilized by a heap of one kilowatt over a time of 60 minutes, or
3,600,000 joules. Request is ordinarily estimated in watts, yet found the
middle value of over a period, frequently a quarter or half hour. Receptive
power is estimated in “a great many volt-ampere receptive hours”,
(kvarh). By tradition, a “slacking” or inductive load, for example,
an engine, will have positive responsive power. 4

2.3  3


Power meters work by persistently estimating the quick
voltage (volts) and current (amperes) to give vitality utilized (in joules,
kilowatt-hours and so forth.). The meters fall into two fundamental classes, electromechanical
and electronic.



electromechanical enlistment meter works by tallying the transformations of a
non-attractive, metal plate which turns at a speed corresponding to the power
going through the meter. The quantity of upsets is along these lines
corresponding to the vitality use. The voltage curl expends a little and
moderately steady measure of energy, ordinarily around 2 watts which isn’t
enrolled on the meter. The present curl comparatively devours a little measure
of energy in extent to the square of the present coursing through it, commonly
up to several watts at full load, which is enlisted on the meter.

The circle is
followed up on by two curls. One loop is associated such that it creates an
attractive motion in extent to the voltage and alternate delivers an attractive
motion in extent to the current. The field of the voltage loop is deferred by
90 degrees, because of the curl’s inductive nature, and aligned utilizing a
slack curl. A perpetual magnet applies a contradicting power relative to the
speed of turn of the circle. The balance between these two restricting powers
brings about the circle pivoting at a speed corresponding to the power or rate
of vitality use. The plate drives an enroll component which checks upheavals.
The sort of meter depicted above is utilized on a solitary stage AC supply. 3




The measure of
vitality spoke to by one insurgency of the circle is indicated by the image Kh
which is given in units of watt-hours per transformation. The esteem 7.2 is
usually observed. Utilizing the estimation of Kh one can decide their energy
utilization at any given time by timing the plate with a stopwatch.




t = time in seconds
taken by the disc to complete one cycle,

P = power in watts.

The measure of vitality spoke to by one insurgency of the circle is
indicated by the image Kh which is given in units of watt-hours per
transformation. The esteem 7.2 is usually observed. Utilizing the estimation of
Kh one can decide their energy utilization at any given time by timing the
plate with a stopwatch. 3



Electronic meters
show the vitality utilized on a LCD or LED show, and some can likewise transmit
readings to remote spots. Notwithstanding estimating vitality utilized,
electronic meters can likewise record different parameters of the heap and
supply, for example, immediate and most extreme rate of use requests, voltages,
control factor and receptive power utilized and so forth. They can likewise
bolster time-of-day charging, for instance, recording the measure of vitality
utilized amid on-top and off-top hours. 3



FIG. 2.2 A digital meter




As in the piece chart, the meter has a power
supply, a metering motor, a preparing and correspondence motor (i.e. a
microcontroller), and other extra modules, for example, ongoing clock (RTC),
LCD show, correspondence ports/modules et cetera.





PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria), the working
electric power service organization in Nigeria is as of now sending vitality
prepayment meters in Nigeria. These Electronic meters are proposed to supplant
the old post-installment meters. This record takes a gander at a few advantages
of this new prepayment meters initially to PHCN and after that to normal
electric power customers in Nigeria. The new vitality prepayment meters if very
much took care of by PHCN will build her income. To start with, since new
meters are prepayment meters it will decrease the overhead that as a rule
portray house-to-house recuperation of income as was nearly the case before. This
new vitality metering framework has some hostile to alter offices that will
generally debilitate meter altering by Nigerian customers. 5.

PHCN will likewise lessen its authoritative overhead
when this new vitality prepayment meters are completely sent in many parts of
Nigeria. Since this new metering framework is Electronic, the majority of the
means required in overseeing it can be computerized. This will lessen staff
necessity and thus diminish staff overhead. Thus, PHCN will free more trade for
venture out sending of new power plants that will answer the present issues of
load shedding in Nigeria. 5

Another advantage of these new vitality prepayment
meters to PHCN is that it will empower her to decide the real vitality request
in Nigeria. This is on account of the majority of her buyers will now be aware
of the measure of vitality devoured. The new prepayment meters will lessen
defilement inside PHCN positions 5.

As per 6, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) innovation,
Electrical Utilities (EUs) has been abusing their own particular framework to
charge their clients in a productive and conservative way. Since the measure of
information that must be sent is very low identified with the accessible time
to play out this errand, AMR applications have been requesting low piece rates.
As of now, EUs are investigating and requesting different administrations as
load and alert administration, remote observing and separations, and so on. In
this specific circumstance, the Low Voltage modems ought to give more all
through while keeping the cost of the equipment low. The consequences of this
low intricacy AMR innovation are that to convey an AMR arrange, the cost of the
hardware on the client premises and the additional esteem benefits that the
framework gives are two key factors in its business case.

As per 7, it portrays the distinctive techniques by
which appropriation transformer burdens can be designated for control stream
examines. Singular circulation loads are ascertained utilizing four distinct
strategies for designation. The aftereffects of the power-stream examines are
contrasted with those decided utilizing the genuine client meter readings.

Daily kWh


Monthly kWh


Transformer kVA




The electromechanical based energy
meters are rapidly being replaced
by digital energy meters which offer high accuracy and precision. Now the generation of electric
energy meters is that of AMRs. Various
features offered by AMR are given below:

Higher speed


Improved load profile


Automatic billing


Real time energy cost


Tampering Alarm warning

6)   Remote power switches


7)   Load balancing


In 8, a
microchip based programmed meter perusing framework is actualized, which gives a
savvy, dependable, and obstruction free information exchange between remote
meter perusing units and the utility control focus. The meter perusing and
administration forms are free from human inclusion. In view of the current
phone systems, it is extremely adaptable for the service organizations to
access, benefit and keep up this meter perusing framework. An easy to
understand and window based UI is planned which completely uses the PC’s
terminal and programming procedure to accomplish correspondences between the
remote meter perusing units and the PCs in the utility control focus.

In 9, a novel
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) framework was proposed utilizing the IEEE
802.15.4-agreeable remote systems to speak with vitality meter. The work
arrange based Automatic Utility Data Collection System (AUDCS) gives a
cost-productive arrangement by investigating the self-association,
self-recuperating abilities of the work organizes and using semiconductor chips
and the radio handsets consistent with IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The shared mode
is decided for the AUDCS framework, as it is more adaptable and powerful than
the unified execution in light of the star topology. The application
information qualities are misused in the information social affair and
dispersal to accomplish better vitality proficiency.

In the paper
‘Outline and usage of Web administrations Based GPRS Automatic Meter Reading
System’10, to enhance the administration level of the meter perusing of
energy undertakings, web administrations based programmed meter perusing
framework is advanced. The engineering of web administrations based programmed
meter perusing framework is outlined.

It depicts the
qualities of GPRS innovation and Web Services innovation and acquainted how
with assemble the Automatic Meter Reading System with benefits, for example,
ongoing, wide scope, open and simple to support and augmentation. At exhibit,
this GPRS Automatic Meter Reading System has increased great application in
down to earth work and been turned out to be right.

From the audits
depicted above, which actualizes the Automatic Meter Reading System, utilizing
electronic advancements and GSM interchanges frameworks which keep an eye on
all have confinements in zones of administration and plan of foundation, accessible
innovation, cost of usage and power robbery. It will be noticed the pith of
further advancement of frameworks that will take care of the developing demand
of power age and conveyance.



Tampering in electric meter
and energy theft has become quite common. Electric
meters can be manipulated, thus causing them to stop, under-register or even bypassing
the meter. Consumers, who tamper with electric meter, effectively use power without paying for it. Electric meter security is looked
upon as major issue in many countries today. A large portion of a country’s
revenue is lost due to the high density
of tampering and security in electric meters. Hence it becomes very
important to detect
tampering in electric
meters to ensure proper billing. One of the methods
adopted to ensure the efficient
supply is to reduce tampering with the electric meters
as also proposed in this report.

detection tools
that help in power theft identification include the following;


Tamper proof seals and labels


Tamper resistant screws and locks


Tamper alarms and sensors



Power service organizations can
utilize the brilliant network control line correspondence innovation to impact
inside correspondence between control focuses and diverse gadgets to
acknowledge remote control capacities. PRIME was produced for vitality related
administrations in the tight band control line correspondence innovation.

This innovation empowers utility
suppliers to peruse meters without the need to go to each physical area.
Moreover, clients and utility suppliers can screen and oversee asset use all
the more effectively. AMR is actualized utilizing these innovations, more often
than not; a handset sends a wake-up flag to the specific transmitter and
requests that it send its information. Progressed Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
gathers every one of the information from shrewd meters and the Distribution
Automation System (DAS) and sends it to the control focuses. AMI arrangement
gives the chance to service organizations to control end client gadgets, send
ongoing summons, and control the circulation framework gadgets. 11







GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)

GSM has been the foundation of the incredible accomplishment of portable
correspondence in the earlier decade. Presently at the beginning of genuine
broadband administrations, GSM keeps on advancing to meet new requests. GSM is
an open, non-restrictive framework with global wandering capacity.

GSM was initially known as Group Special Mobile however these days it is
usually alluded as Global System for Mobile Communication. It is an arrangement
of gauges created by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
to portray advances utilized for second era computerized interchanges,
regularly alluded as 2G innovations. It was produced as a substitution to the
original simple interchanges. It initially depicted an advanced circuit
exchanged system improved for full duplex voice correspondences.

The standard was extended after some time to incorporate first circuit
exchanged information exchange, at that point parcel information transport by
means of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Bundle information transmission
speed was later expanded with the assistance of EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for
GSM advancement) innovation.

Messaging Over GSM Network


Worldwide System
for Mobile Communication (GSM) is the world’s most prominent standard for
portable communication frameworks. GSM is utilized by more than 1.5 billion
individuals everywhere throughout the world.

GSM likewise
spearheaded the ease usage of the Short Message Service (SMS) which enables
gatherings to trade postpone tolerant short instant messages. The fame and
scope of cell systems permits the utilization of SMS benefit.

As indicated by
the examination of genuine information taken from a genuine GSM arrange in
India, SMS conveyance achievement rate is observed to be 94.3%. Of these
effectively conveyed messages, 73.3 touched base at their goal inside 10
seconds. Around 5% of them required over 1 hour to achieve the goal.

Utilizing SMS for
AMR will absolutely expand the stream of messages massively. GSM utilizes a few
cryptographic calculations for security. The improvement of UMTS presents a
discretionary Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM), which utilizes a
more drawn out confirmation key to give more noteworthy security, and commonly
verifying the system and the client.