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This is an American comedy film, directed by Howard Hawks, starred by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and produced by RKO radio pictures. It’s a movie that narrates a paleontologist’s story, which revolves around a woman who is embedded with a unique sense of logic, and a certain leopard that is given the name Baby.

Some of the people that give a shot behind the scenes include Walter Catlett, May Robson, Charles Ruggles and Barry Fitzgerald. This movie employs a madcap heiresses, to give the needed sense of humor, fun, irresponsibility and the irrelevance that develops the story to its intended context, contrary to the logic, seriousness and the dignity that is associated with the working class heroes.

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The director labels Katharine Hepburn as a dotty heiress, and Cary Grant as a stuffy paleontologist, to bring out the humorous sexual battles that reversely describe the stereotypes of sex roles. The director, Howard Hawks, labels Grant as dutiful, docile, and submissive. According to the film, his dignity is stripped by nature and the director uses the divided nature of his character to bring out stereotypes that are both masculine and feminine. This is clearly brought out in the last chapter of the film, where he integrates both principles of sex.

A critique

The director has developed a good sense of humor throughout the play and this has clearly developed the film into its intended purpose of a comedy. The constant use of humorous scenes in the story is a good asset for the film, since it gives viewers an interest, to keep on watching it due to the entertainment aspect, which is a great tool for a comedy intended film.

The labeling of Grant as a stuffy paleontologist also reflects his character where the director labels him as docile, dignity stripped, dutiful and submissive. This style has efficiently been stamped on the film by the character and this proves the director’s directing ability.

Hawks also shows his superiority in directing as he relies on assertive heroines, to get rid of the shambling and the mock seriousness of the female heroines. The use of women clothing by the male characters clearly demonstrates the extent of their confusion.

The director of the film uses this clothing idea, to clearly explain or bring out the confusion aspect of male characters in the film. Also, the use of breakneck pace, humorous swipes of the sex roles, and a comic timing that is superb, is a big plus for the film because this promotes its popularity. The play has used all sorts of styles that have made it fulfill its intended purpose of a comedy film.

The screening of the film can be termed as superb, because of its effective combination of humor, clothing, and both sexes, to convey the true purpose of its objective. The importing of an untamed leopard by the name Baby further leaves the viewers entertained and many describe the film as one with extreme creativity.

The effective and well-coordinated change of scenes from a golf club to a jail, and then a museum in the film, also motivates the viewers to watch more of the film. This also demonstrates clearly, the level of creativity in the film. It also shows the diversity of the film director and all this, make the film very interesting to viewers, mostly the ones who love comic films.

The film scenarios relates very well with the totality of the film through the types of clothes that are demonstrated by the director, Howard Hawks. The use of stinky and rugged clothes to describe the confused characters in the film brings out the comedy part of the film as it helps the viewers to have a distinct identity on each character in the film, a style that effectively brings out the totality of the film.

The use of dotted clothes to describe certain females in the film also helps to bring out the love aspect of the film, as the viewers identify with these characters when the subject of love comes along. The change of scenes and clothing along the story helps in making sure that every part in the story comes out effectively, according to the theme of every episode. This is a great asset as the totality of the film in regard to the clothing and the scenery used, has helped greatly in bringing the true meaning and theme of the film.