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My role in this report is to act as a consultant. I am working for Top Gear plc, a company in the retail clothing industry. I will assess the impact that introducing websites has on both employees of companies and their consumers and present my findings to the directors of Top Gear plc in this report. In this report I will also investigate and research the effects of introducing a website into other businesses in the retail clothing industry and how this had affected their company.

I will then make recommendations, based on my findings, to the directors of Top Gear plc as to whether it would be worthwhile introducing a website into Top Gear plc. If I recommend to the directors of Top Gear plc that introducing a website will beneficial to the company I may also make other recommendations to the directors such as the most efficient method of introducing a possible website into Top Gear plc. Procedure

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For this report I have researched and investigated the effect websites have on companies in the retail clothing industry, and assessed the possible effects of introducing a website into Top Gear plc. I have also looked at the effect of introducing websites into other industry sectors, as a comparison, and noted the long-term effects on their business sector. There are also some examples of other competitors going along this road, so their experiences will be extremely useful to Top Gear plc.

As part of my research I have collected both primary (Field) and secondary (Desk) research. Field research is research that has been carried out for a specific task to collect new data direct from consumers, such as the data collected by my market research group, this research is generally specifically commissioned by a business for a particular purpose, i. e. the reception a new product is likely to receive, the biggest down side of field research is that it is usually quite costly.

Desk research is gathering data that already exists and used for another purpose and has been recollected, because someone else has carried out the main research and work involved desk research is much cheaper to use, but, does not necessarily answer specific questions. I mainly collected the secondary data from magazines, catalogues, newspapers, the Internet and various other sources of data. I was also a member of a market research group, which collected information from random types of people.

We collected the data using a questionnaire, based on questions produced by our market research group that we decided would produce the most useful set of results, for our analysis. The data collected from the market research group I was a member of has been compiled in the form of graphs and placed in my appendix. All the data and information I have collected and researched has been organised and stored in the form of an Appendix at the end of this report. I have also noted the sources of my research in my appendix.

The main points I have described in this report is the reluctance of consumers to purchase clothing goods online, as opposed to in store, and how likely the success of a retail clothing based website will be for Top Gear plc. I have also talked about how other industries have been affected by websites and the consequences for the industry as a whole. The main points of my report are based in the findings section. There I have gone into greater detail about these points and information and findings that will influence my conclusions on these points.