A with the vendor. Paperwork and accounting is

A project manager is the
person in charge for leading a project from its inception to execution includes
managing, planning, and execution the people, resources and scope of the
project (Janssen, 2013). Project
manager is the individual who manages and leads the project team, after project
board give them responsibility and authority to run the project. Basically all
project use PRojects IN Controlled Environments2 (PRINCE2) as
the standard method project management (Janssen, 2013). This method helps
project manager interfacing between project and business area, the PRINCE2 give
a redline of the business to a void disruptions and delays in the plan.


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department is the group
of staff within an organization that is responsible for buying goods
or products (Collins, 2015). These purchasing
departments offer a service to the organization as the backbone of retail,
manufacturing, and military. The function of purchasing department is Procuring
Materials, evaluating price, paperwork and accounting, and policy compliance (Alexis,
Chron, 2015).
Procuring material is getting all necessary materials needed for construction or day-to-day
operation of the company or government organization (Alexis, Chron, 2015). For example, raw
materials such as steel, plastic, iron, or aluminum, but other than that
delivery trucks and machinery to supply item. Evaluating price is receiving
these materials at the best possible price in order to maximize profitability (Alexis, Chron, 2015). This function is to
get the cheap material with a large quantity; this may take some time to communicate
with the vendor. Paperwork and accounting is to help the organization to
purchasing and delivery of supplies and materials, and purchasing department
has to ensure that they have sufficient capital to buy the items purchased.
Lastly, policy compliance is policy that the organization has to follow. For
example, to make a buying this department necessity follow a proper protocol
and must make sure any items are pay for in accordance with the whole
purchasing policy of the organization (Alexis, Chron, 2015).


Engineer Manager

Engineering Department is in charge for planning, implementing and analyzing
system extension projects; planning, construction, and design of major facility
replacements; capital improvement projects; and technical assistance to other
departments and to outside agencies (Monroe Country Water Authority, 2016). In general, the engineer
department is in charge for the planning of the construction project including engaging
in research, conducting surveys, analyzing results, planning the construction
and supporting all technical issues during the project (Nansy, 2015). In the construction
site engineering manager have large responsibility, that because have to help
other department to finish the project on time.




Human Resources Director

resources (HR) is the company department stimulating with screening, finding, recruiting
and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs (Investopedia, 2017). Human
resources department help company to select a quality employee to work in the
company. Human resource department also in authority to maximize employee
productivity by giving they advise or give them bonus, so they will work hard
for the company. They are 6 main functions of human resource on construction
company that is recruitment, safety, employee relation, compensation and
benefits, compliance, and training and development (Alexis, Chron, 2015).


Financial Director

Finance directors are members of a senior executive
team with charge for their company’s financial like they combine operational
and strategic roles, manage accounting and financial control functions, and
establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the
business (Alexis, Chron, 2015). In generally, financial department is to
control company’s cash flow and ensuring there are sufficient funds to make
another payment with the vendor about the material like steel, cement, and
other. The function financial director is monitoring business performance,
monitoring cash flow, overseeing the budgets, preparing account, and developing
financial models.


Marketing Director

The marketing department is in control for marketing
strategy, market research, sales, advertising, product development, pricing,
promotion, and public relations activities (Nansy, 2015). Marketing director
has responsibility to determine the marketability
of a new product or service. This is very importance thing in company, because
it will affect the profit of the company. In construction site, IBS is method
that have been use nowadays to construct the building faster. Marketing manager
that have develop the IBS can attract the contractor to use it and gain the