A deduction could be clearly made from the examples above, that after there was damage to the brain, it directly leads to the damage of the person’s mind and its identity. Every object in the world has its own special quality, its own property that gives it its description, but if we assume that the mind and body are united then how are we to express their uniqueness?The next theory is another straightforward approach towards the mind-body problem. According to the idea of non dualism, neither the physical matter nor the mind exist in the nature, however there is a third essence which plays the role of replacing the mind and body, because neither of those two are capable of expressing who we really are. Our identity and the essential self constantly changes along with our mind and body changing. Non dualism is very self explanatory and is the exact opposite of what dualism is.To sum up the essay, I would like refer back to the outcomes of the mind-body problem. In my opinion, it simply depends on a person and how they would want to think of this problem, or even believe whether it is a problem or not. And I believe that what we think and how we think, modifies us. Our mind alone cannot control the body, but it is crucial factor of being human. Without it, decision making and experiencing would not be valuable, therefore the mind and body issue is related to the problems regarding the human nature very efficiently. However, I am more convinced to the idea that both the mind and body are equally essential elements of a human being. The reality of the life can be expressed by both the mind and the body, as they are constantly changing and modifying one another. The theories to resolve the problem have a real life situation for a better understanding of the human mind and its relationship with the physical body. The reasons have been discussed and thought through  over a certain period of time by many people, but in the end it does not matter what the right answer is, because there is no right answer, however the problem can be responded by a person and its understanding of self awareness and reasoning.