A island was to vote for a leader.

A leader is someone who can lead and command a group. The characters in Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, are all young English schoolboys who have been stranded on an island because of a plane crash. There are no adults to maintain authority, therefore the only rules the boys have are the ones they create. The author describes Ralph as the main leader of the boys, Ralph displays distinct attributes that describe a good leader. By retaining the ability to show leadership, trust, bravery, and willpower on the island, it converts him into the outstanding leader that he is. One thing the boys decided to do when they first got to the island was to vote for a leader. Ralph’s skill to call meetings, create rules, and look after Piggy and the littluns make him a dependable individual throughout the novel Lord of the Flies. Ralph is the one who calls the boys together to come up with a plan. Ralph offers the boys encouragement and tries his best to maintain order while he is chief. He takes a great deal of jurisdiction and is usually the first person to jump into a situation without any questions asked. “‘You hunters! You can laugh! But I tell you smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one. Do all of you see?’ He spread his arms wide and turned to the whole triangle. ‘We’ve got to make smoke up there – or die.'” (Golding). This quote shows how Ralph tries to uphold his duties as a chief leader, by telling the boys what to do, trying to maintain control of all of the boys, and preparing plans that may help the boys get rescued. Ralph is trying to tell the boys what the best thing to do in order to help save them so they will not die is. Ralph shows he is well prepared even though he does not have all the materials that he requires, he helps keep the boys calm and concentrated on their plan to get off the island.Ralph shows much of the leadership out of all of the boys, they would much rather spend their time playing, exploring, and having fun. Ralph plans to build huts as a form of survival. Therefore, Ralph’s jurisdiction and strength over the other boys are protected at the beginning of the novel. This shows how Ralph has the idea, and decided to stick it with him for his safety and all the others on the island. Ralph is most always on the lookout for opportunities and ideas to help the group get rescued. In chapter four Ralph and Piggy see a ship in the distance. They run to the top of the hill to try and light the signal fire but it is too late and the ship had already passed. This shows how Ralph took the initiative to run all the way to the top of the hill, just to try and light the fire, so the boat will see it and rescue them. His main goal is to be rescued, and he tries to do many things to accomplish his goal.In chapter six, the boys find a part of the island that they had not discovered yet. When they come up to a thin walkway that leads to a hill with small caves, the boys become scared to cross the walkway and walk around the edge of the hill.Ralph shows his sense of goodwill to be a leader when he offers to go ahead and make sure everything is safe before the other boys come. Ralph has to maintain his sense of courage and willpower, face obstacles on his own, and provide care and supervision for the boys. Even though he had been feeling frightened himself. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of a man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.” (Golding). This quote ends the novel and shows how Ralph is comforted and that he achieved his goal of being rescued, and how he looked back on the memories on the island, the memories of his good friend Piggy.In conclusion, the role of a good leader with responsibility is shown multiple times through Ralph’s courage and willpower, during his time on the island. Ralph’s commitment to getting off the island shows his strength and willpower. This strength gives Ralph an honorable conquest at the end of the novel, when he throws the pig’s head to the ground to defend himself against Jack’s hunters. This shows Ralphs willpower and fearlessness to keep himself safe. If the boys did not have Ralph, they probably would not have survived on the island as long as they did.