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A cell phone is a cell phone that incorporates propelled usefulness past making telephone calls and sending instant messages. Most cell phones have the capacity to show photographs, play recordings, check and send email, and surf the Web. Current cell phones, for example, the iPhone and Android based telephones can run outsider applications, which gives boundless usefulness. While cell phones were at first utilized generally by business clients, they have turned into a typical decision for customers too. Because of progressions in innovation, present day cell phones are littler and less expensive than prior gadgets. Clients additionally have a considerably more extensive scope of cell phones to browse than some time recently. While the RIM Blackberry ruled the cell phone advertise for a long time, different producers like Apple, HTC, and Samsung now offer a wide assortment of cell phone choices too. This expansion in cell phone accessibility has prompted a relating decrease in the use of standard PDAs, which do exclude telephone abilities. Since cell phones have an extensive variety of usefulness, they require propelled programming, like a PC working framework. The cell phone programming handles telephone calls, runs applications, and gives arrangement choices to the client. Most cell phones incorporate a USB association, which enables clients to match up information with their PCs and refresh their cell phone programming. This report right off the bat depict about the Identify the issues as far as moral, legitimate proficient and social worries of cell phone innovation besides it fundamentally assess alternate points of view of the issues concerns raised by applying significant moral standards, hypotheses, controls and expert code of behaviors then it talk about the alternate points of view, contentions raised by different journalists that have investigated the moral, lawful, social and expert worries of a similar innovation. The scientists you pick ought to be solid and prestigious in their field of learn about deferent viewpoint agree this to cell phone innovation Next proposal and support for the issues were given. At last report talk about the significance of moral approach for the cell phone innovation and clarify how it is helping an IT proficient for his expert advancement.