A Speech, “Looking Past Limits” displays how individuals

A wise individual has once said, “Life brings lessons Into our life that comes with free will. We can choose to be the victor or the victim.” This quote reveals how individuals have the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate. Like otherwise, each and every individual are able to choose their own paths and decisions if they are only able to persevere through those difficult and tough times. In Caroline Casey’s speech, “Looking Past Limits” activist Caroline Casey tells the story of her extraordinary life where she explains how she had ocular albinism causing her to be legally blind; however, she soon realizes that being true to herself is freedom and it takes free will do to that. Additionally, in Lizzie Velasquez’s speech, “How to define yourself” extremist Lizzie Velasquez elucidates that as she lived with a rare syndrome that caused her to not gain weight, she was bullied and persecuted because of the way she looked; she had a revelation that hatred shouldn’t define who you are as yourself and your own commitments make your identity. Thus, both Casey and Velasquez manifest a common and central idea that individuals must use their free will to determine their own destinies to form their identities as they have the ability to act at one’s own discretion.Consequently, Caroline Casey’s Speech, “Looking Past Limits” displays how individuals using their free will are be able to absolutely be true to themselves opposed to hiding their identity. Moreover, during her Ted Talk she explains how on my seventeenth birthday, after her fake eye exam, the eye specialist just noticed it happened to be her birthday while telling her that she was legally blind. She learned the truth at 17 that since birth, she was legally blind. Furthermore, as she felt devastated and demolished because of what she has learned she said with pride, “My parents made a bizarre, unusual and incredibly brave decision… I would grow up and learn from experience how to be tough and how to survive when they were no longer there to protect me or just take it all away. But more significantly, they gave me the ability to believe.” Casey is that after her feelings won’t conflict with her dreams of becoming what she wants to become, the motivation between her parents is thriving her true to the key of finding herself. Like otherwise, her biology which is having ocular albinism won’t be an influential part of her identity but the free will shell to make to become what she wants to truly become. Additionally, as she had determination which her father had bred into her since she was a child, she participated in many activities and jobs such as working for as an archeologist, causing her to break things. She realized how extraordinary it can be how far belief can take you; she realized how difficult and grueling this was for her. Casey hasn’t realized what she was doing; she was ignoring her biology and trying to be something else she’s not. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for Casey to ask for help but as she did she was sent to an eye specialist to receive treatment. After she continued with the discussion between both her and the eye specialist she says, ” (The eye specialist) I think it’s time to stop fighting and do something different./What do you want to be? What do you want to be?… (Casey) And then the minute it came, it blew up in my head and bashed in my heart — something different. But you can’t tell me, no, I can’t be Mowgli, because guess what? Nobody’s ever done it before, so I’m going to go do it.” Casey explains how as she was afraid of admitting that she needed help all along, she was ignoring her biology, causing her to be confused and demented. She soon had a revelation that her accepting who she is caused her to make her own choices such as going on a seven and a half foot elephant called Kanchi going together on a thousand kilometers across India. To conclude she had self-determination which caused her to do the impossible exhibiting how the greatest influence on one’s identity is free will. Simultaneously, Lizzie who’s a motivational speaker, elucidates in her speech, “How to define yourself” that as she lived with a rare syndrome that caused her to not gain weight, she was bullied and persecuted because of the way she looked outside; she had a revelation that hatred shouldn’t define who you are as yourself and your own commitments make your identity. During her speech, she add humor into the painful experiences she had in her life to show she was very strong, bold and lovely when she was talking about her life. Lizzie Velasquez said how she was voted as the world’s ugliest person which is terrible beyond words, however, she decided to let those words give her life meaning. Like otherwise, she questions, “Am I going to let the people who called me a monster, define me. Am I going to let the people who said, kill it with fire, define me. No. I’m going to let my goals and my success and my accomplishments be the things that define me, not my outer appearance, not the fact that I’m visually impaired… I told myself I wanted to be a motivational speaker, I want to write a book, graduate college, have my own family, my own career.” Lizzie Velasquez is indicating that the surface of what people see and think is completely different than what’s below the surface; the outside isn’t important but the inside such making decisions, your personality matters the most. Velasquez manifest an idea that an individual biology isn’t the greatest influence on one’s identity but free will since the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded is important than the, behavior that particular individual. Her parents supported well and asked her not to allow those people to define her