A every stage of project an issue was

A successful project requires commitment of resources
in terms of time, finances and equipment. Resources which were committed to the
project were not enough as project was of large scale. Labor, material, and
equipment had to be brought in from other areas. The crew shift, double shifts
and overtime were used to increase productivity. With realistic schedules
individual activities on the critical path can be crashed to avoid using
additional resources.


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There are different stakeholders to project and each
group has different requirement from the project. Keeping them involved is
essential for success of project.

Each stakeholder in the project had his personal
interest. The key stakeholder group which was people of Montreal was ignored
throughout the lifecycle of project starting with initiation to planning and
finally execution. It was them who would be living with the facilities after
Olympics had concluded.

All stakeholders should be identified and addressed
and not just most prominent ones.

Quality Assurance Measures

Quality assurance measures for the project were non existsnt.
The strategies could have been used to ensure efficiency during construction at
every stage of project an issue was discovered and was put under wraps instead
of addressing it.

The final cost for the stadium was approximately
$13,000 per seat compared to $2,400 that was budgeted.

Quality assurance in construction requires that the
procedures for incorporating design changes into the construction plans to be
well developed and fully operated. Quality assurance is effective against
changes in design. Monitorign engineering activities should be established in order
to ensure that execution is as per plans and specifications. 


o   Foundation work increased from
the estimated cost of $ 497,576 the actual cost came up to $ 7,171,876.

o   Olympic Village lost financing

o   There was no financial
strategy. In the whole process, Mayor put on an extravagant show just to
convince rest of the world that Quebec was independent.

o   Labor and Material Issues:
Corruption was there at all levels. Labor unions, suppliers and contractors left
no opportunity to take advantage of situation and fill their pockets. Labor complications
like insufficient laborers with no agreement between workers and management to
keep a tab on strikes contributed to delay in project

o   Construction costs rise significantly
accompanied by inclement weather. It cost $400,000/day for construction heating
measures. The planning phase should identified weather as risk factor.

o   Complex design with no scope.
Taillibert assumed that his designs were unique and the city should not think
about expenses. The Mayor rejected cuts in the design that would have saved up
to $146 million. $100 million could have been saved if steel was used to build
the stadium instead of concrete. Avoiding waste cascade would have led to
saving of $35 million. Even viaduct cost $14 million instead of $5 million with
the complex design. If simple design was used, it would have been much easier
to execute it without incurring additional costs.