Part A:How would I describe my efforts and intensity of participation in this course?How did I attempt to improve my my physical fitness level (cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility) in and/or outside of class? Did I achieve my fitness goals? Why or why not?Did I improve my my movement skills in the sports units? Which movement skill was my strongest and which did I most improve in? Can I show and explain this using the success criteria?Part B:Am I more or less motivated to exercise as a result of this course? What intrinsic and/or extrinsic factors motivate me? What barriers prevent me from being more active? How can I overcome my barriers and develop into an intrinsic exerciser who hajs inner motivation for lifelong physical activity.Did I demonstrate leadership skills or confidence in my abilities in this course? Why or why not? What can I do to grow and develop in this aspect of my emotional health?Part C:Did I regularly demonstrate positive, responsible social behaviour in class? WHy or why not? Did I develop my social skills during games byu demonstrating etiquette and fair play? Why or why not?Did I work well on group tasks? Did I contribute to the success of the group? WAs I able to prevent or resolve conflicts? How? What are my strengths as a group member and what can I improve on?Part D:What new knowledge did I gain about movement skills and/or game strategies or tactics? Explain how these skills Explain how these skills and strategies enhance performance.What safety principles did I learn that will prevent me from injury? What safety rules did I follow to minimize risk when participating in sports and class activities?What did I learn about the four components of wellness and my level of fitness in each component? Is my life balanced with respect to these components? How could I improve the balance?What did I learn about CPR or career opportunities related to sport and recreation? Will this information have any impact on my future? How? Will I continue to take Health and Physical Education courses in the future? Why or why not?