Success with his latest album titled “Crocked Teth is successfully released on May 19, 2017 through Eleven Seven Music and now troops Jacoby Shaddix and friends re-plan the next new album right next summer.

Investigate a calibaration according to an interview just directed by TheRave TV earlier this month the vocalist Jacoby Shaddix said in June and July 2018 Papa Roach will re-record the latest album, the following quotes  

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“In June and July 2018, we will step in the studio and continue working on the next recording – we’ve started working on it in front of the record – and take the place we left with ‘Crooked Teeth’ and continue kicking and taking his name.” Jacoby Shaddix 

Papa Roach’s drummer Tony Palermo has also confirmed the next Papa Roach-related album, Tony tells German’s Metal-Heads that the theme of the next song lyrics.

“It’s basically about Jacoby growing up and looking for things to do in a small town.” Tony Palermo said  Tony was asked about Papa Roach’s very quick decision to re-release his next album, Tony said ;

“We basically completed ‘Crooked Teeth’, and at the beginning of the year, we did a cancel tour, so we had to … We could not just go out and book a tour, it took time. So we thought, ‘What’s more time both to continue the creative process with our producers, Nick Nicholas’ Ras’ Furlong and Colin ‘Doc’ Brittain. ‘ So we went back to the studio right after we finished the last recording, ‘Crooked Teeth’, and got about five or six songs, a demo out. ” ;

Tony Drummer Papa Roach also talks about the direction of the new PAPA ROACH music, he says: ;

“They must be more in the renting era of the shaky PAPA ROACH.” ;

“This is a good start to creating new music again, though ‘Dental Teeth’ is new,” he continued. ;

“So it feels good that we have half the records already written, but that does not mean that they will all make notes, because it’s been determined later. But we’ve had fun writing some new stuff – like, recently.”;

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