1. grammar usage in writing will show

1. Features of technical writing-      A* The writing want to be professional . .       B* Add individual title for needed paragraph .      C* Proper starting point and ending point  .       D* Highlights of important points .       E* Proper grammar pronouncement  .       F* Leaving distance between each sentence .         G* Avoid cutting words which written wrong .      H* Way of conveying matter should be easy to understand  .Elaboration- A* The writing should be professional, by using proper professional words .B* Adding individual title makes the writing good looking and easy to understand .C* There must be proper starting point and ending point , then only we know where the sentence starts and where it ends .D* By highlighting the important points, will make attention on it .E* Proper grammar pronouncement will increase the class of writing .F* Leaving distance between each sentence will make the writing looking good .G* Cutting or striking of wrong written words, will reduce the quality of writing .   H* Then only the person who reading your text will know that what you are coming to tell .   2. Technical writing:  The technical writing examples are a greatest way to understand of writing .    Different paragraph and structure – The technical writing should contain      1. Content .     2.Expression.     3.Style.     4.Language.Writing a paragraph the second and third sentence are called supporting sentence . Because they explain the idea expressed in the topic sentence .The entire paragraph should have a single focus . It should not include any other thoughts and idea .    Grammar Usage-                                       The grammar usage in writing will show the sentence in proper manner and it will increase the quality of writing . Coming under technical writing grammar usage  plays a major role . Without proper grammar usage in writing the meaning of the sentence will change .