In services over the Internet. Monitoring of


In recent century, Cloud Computing 5 has rapidly become a widely-adopted technology for delivering services over the Internet. Monitoring of Cloud Services is significantly popular topic and we can find many books. Cloud computing is a promising technology that evolved out of several concepts such as virtualization, distributed application design, Grid, and enterprise IT management to enable a more ?exible approach for deploying and scaling applications at low cost 8.

The Cloud Monitoring topic is very crucial and we are able to find plenty of materials can be strongly assessed. Some of them are:1912.

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In this thesis work by solving monitoring problem in Zabbix and Jenkins systems.


2.1 Research question

 The Research question in this thesis work is to investigate challenges related to the comprehensive monitoring tools. Besides that, by collecting information from relevant materials is to determine the research prospective and future work.

The thesis work will be an individual task that will be used by SAP Hungary KFT. This task will ensure the challenge and solutions by using shell scripting and Jenkins open source automation server written in Java.


2.2 Purpose of research

The purpose of the thesis is to find out the different type of monitoring problems in cloud services. By doing the specific task to figure out alternative solutions for the current monitoring issues. In the conclusion, the factors in terms of cost and data security, enterprises should keep in mind while adopting Cloud Computing for the effective and efficient use of their information system.


2.3 Research delimitation

During my research, I will research various sources that describe the current possibilities of the up-to-date Cloud Monitoring tools. I will also not discuss the Legal issues in the security of Cloud Computing and how the challenges may affect the security level of the Cloud services providing companies.