What year as well as to the

What is a Marketing Plan? Is guiding documents
that will help you define the direction that your company will take next year
in three key aspects: market situation, opportunities and threats, and goals to
be achieved. It is also a good resource for other people to find out whom your
company is, how it works and where you want to take it. If you want to start you will have to gather
some information that you’ll need. In this way, you will avoid interruptions
during the process of thinking and writing. The latest financial reports with Key
data such as profits and losses, operating budgets, and the final reports of
sales by product and region corresponding to this year as well as to the last
three or, at least, to the time that your business is operating. A description of your situation with respect to the market, your
competitors, types of customers to which you sell them, existing distribution
channels, as well as relevant data on consumer trends in your markets. First is
the Market situation. This section must contain your best and most objective
descriptions of the current state of the market.