In the
article “Building a Better America- One Wealth Quintile at a Time,” Michael
Norton and Dan Ariely conducted an experiment to examine if a common agreement regarding
the ideal level of wealth inequality is present for Americans or if various
factors exceed agreements. According to the experiment, Norton and Ariely state
that many Americans
seem to prefer to live in a country more like Sweden, in which the wealth was
distributed a little more equally than the United States. Additionally, there
was more agreement from various sectors of the political range regarding the devotion
for wealth being distributed equally, indicating that Americans may have a
general standard for the equal distribution of wealth (12).

            For Norton and Ariely’s research, a theory
is essential because there is a connection between the Americans and the
distribution of wealth. They use theory to examine the relationship between the
distribution of wealth and Americans to identify the standard level of wealth
inequality Americans believe is present. The connection between the American
respondents and distribution of wealth are the sets of observations that
characterize the groups being examined and they work to describe how they are

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            Overall, Norton and Ariely indicated
that Americans wanted an equal distribution of wealth although 1% of the
Americans have close to 50% of the wealth in the United States.