5.0 conclusion and recommendations of the study after


This chapter will discuss on the conclusion and recommendations of
the study after the findings have been analysed. Conclusions will highlight the
achievement of the objectives and examine the hypothesis of the study. Next,
the recommendations will be constructed to value all the findings in order to
be meaningful for the future research.

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In this research, the relationship between all the three
independent variables, such as privacy, motivations to share and security with
the dependent variable, social media risks through information sharing has been
studied. From the findings, two variables, privacy and motivations to share,
both has acceptable relationships with social media risks through information
sharing, while security is not. However, all three independent variable has a
positive correlation, regardless of being moderate or weak, with social media
risks through information sharing.

The risks when using social media is inevitable. The ease of using
it across the social platform is what driven the users to kept on sharing
information. One of the risks of using online social is that when the Virus
came to attack, then all the personal yet sensitive information shared might be
jeopardised, and by enabling the firewall might reduce the risk. Other than
that, reputational and financial risks can be considered as fatal as it bears a
huge deal of consequences to the users. As for employees, posting negativity
about their company might affect their reputation, while also affecting their
careers. When surfing the Internet,
some scams messages might popped out on the screen, and when clicked it
promises to give rewards. Lastly, sharing any secrets should be made verbally,
and not through the social sites because when the account has been hacked and
the hacker sees it, it might went viral, therefore other user can see what we
had shared.

Privacy of using the social media can
sometimes be compromised by the act of the users themselves. This can be seen
when most people did not even bothered to read the Privacy Policy, as the
policy itself is too long, and time consuming as people nowadays are moving
faster than in the previous era. Other than that, users always linked their
current social media platform with another, due to the ease of sharing their
information throughout the other social sites, and because they are aware that
people on the other social sites will be notified when they had posted
something. Most of the users believe by posting some expensive items that was
recently purchased have a higher tendency of themselves being robbed, as they
are showing things that others cannot afford to buy. It is believed that some
giveaways often require the user to give out their personal and sensitive
information before acquiring them. Lastly, people who always leave out their
personal information open in the social sites are the most vulnerable to be
hacked. Therefore, users should not leave it on an open space.

It is mostly not arguable that what
motivates the users to share through social platforms because they can create
connections with the people that they do not come across to communicate with,
and some even believed that by sharing online they can stay connected with
other users around the globe. Some might say that they defined themselves
according to whatever the content that they shared using the social media.
Having their contents understandable by others are crucial and they find that
some of their content is helpful to others, be it in terms of advices, general
knowledges or even some religious opinions. 
Some users might agree that virtual friends are better, but in reality
most says that it is favourable to have them face-to-face rather than on social

To stay secured of using social media, by
installing Anti-Virus software can prevent fatal cyber-attacks. However, when
they feel secured, people tend to share more with others and that they are
confident that they can avoid their details to be stolen by hackers even with
the highest level of security been set. As we all know that public Wi-Fi is not
secured, so the chance of getting hacked is ridiculously high. In addition, to
reduce the chances, users are encouraged to change their password for at least
every quarter of the year. Users are also advised to change their visibility settings
to only to those they are close with.







Government are the most responsible to bring the awareness of the public by
conducting more campaign or exhibition relating to the social media risks or
any factors that may contribute to cyber-crime. Other than that, the Government
also can conduct a talk regarding to the function of the Personal Data
Protection Act (PDPA) 2010.


companies has their own timing of conducting talks, seminars or even workshop that
is related to disclosing either their personal data or the company that they
are working in. Other than that, the most important thing is that they must be
aware and cautious of whatever that they post; be it about themselves, or even
the company as it may affect their career life or even their personal
relationship with the people around them.


similar to the staffs, society can also attend to public awareness campaign
that could be organised by either the Government or the NGO to raise their
awareness on the social media risks, the consequences of the risk and ways to
mitigate the risk whenever they are facing one. As for parents, by using the
method of parental controls are effective in order to prevent their children
from posting anything that may jeopardise their privacy of their whereabouts
and also more secured from disclosing any sensitive information about













This research has come up with a few directions for other
researchers in their future research.

5.3.1 Sample
size and cover broader area

A larger number of sample sizes may be sufficient compared to the
sample size that was studied by the current researcher, and a larger and
broader are covered to do the research. A larger number of both sample size and
area of studies may produce a much appropriate result for the researcher.

5.3.2 Conduct
alternative data collection methods

Other than using the
self-administered questionnaire to collect data for the study, researchers are
suggested to use alternative data collection method to gain even more variety
of responses from respective respondents. Such alternative methods can be
implemented are online survey or even interview.

5.3.3 Use other factors

In future, the current researcher hopes that the
other researcher who are to study the same topic to use other variable to
investigate on the factors that influence the social media risks through
information sharing, so that more appropriate result can be generated.