protein NMR spectroscopy in active site mapping is an indispensable tool with
wide range of application in early stage of drug discovery, through all the
phases of manufacturing till it is displayed on shelf owing to its methods, such
as STD-NMR spectroscopy, and its ability to adapt molecular docking techniques to
its advantage. This characteristics of this technique aids its precision in
drug screening and the ease of its application as well as the fact that it does
not require a lot of data and its less time consuming when compared to other
NMR methods employed in this field. Furthermore, the knowledge that this method
provides about the presence and the kind of enzyme present in a target site as
seen in the study of the new urease inhibitor, the intensity of the bond
between the active site and the inhibitor is very important for the formation
and design of new drug, hence aids in producing drugs that binds to its receptor and exert a physiological effect as well as
highlighting Professionals on pathological 

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