4. people do and that is how

4. Results

Lewin`s model is a relatively simple design and can be used to develop cu. The most
important goals in the process of change, are: create a sense of urgency, recruit powerful change
leaders, build a vision and effectively communicate it, remove obstacles, create quick wins, and
build on your momentum. If you do these things, you can help make the change part of your
organizational culture. That is how we declare that the change is successful. The elements in
Kotter – 8 steps model is extremely important, but the core issue is the behavior – what people
do and that is how they need to be changed significantly react. The above-mentioned models
Kurt Lewin`s – 3 stage model and John Kotter – 8 steps model are the important models that
serve to implement the change in an organization. Since all models are very specific, they are
all inaccurate to some extent. The most important aspect we need know whether they are useful
– whether they help us to improve and succeed.

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5. Discussion and Outlook

The challenges faced in change management are:


speed of change needed today.



Strategic change management does not have a timeline during which the expected

changes are completed.

It is highly important that all members of an organization agree on the change

management and are willing to accept and work together for overcoming barriers.

that any new information or change implementation is done with all employees on


Employee resistance is a bigger challenge for business organizations.

5.1. Theoretical Implications

After the discussion on the models and their results, it is important to consider how
strategic change is implemented in the real world. The example of Nokia which was one of the
leading makers of the mobile handsets few years ago and which now finds itself at the bottom
reminds us that the strategic drift occurs without anyone noticing it and by the time it gets