In the world, there are people who

In the world, there are people who are
disabled or have no ability to work. They have chance and rights to enjoy the
welfare. But, capable people who don’t work receive welfare would be spurned by
the society. As a popular saying in the world, “He that will not work shall not
eat”. The society should give equal chance and treatment to every citizen. Workfare
does not unfairly penalize those who really cannot work. In the long run, people should get rid of the
idea that we can enjoy welfare without working. This is not only a return to
society but also to give welfare to those who really need help. Such benefit
should not be a way of life that people think they are entitled to. So I do not
think it is justifiable to take this kind of non-work welfare because you
should benefit as much as you can to give back to society. Welfare requirements of work for benefits have
been brought in many different US states and in different countries around the world
including the UK and Australia, and I hope that more countries will pay attention to
this issue.