clinics and rehabilitation centers for
those who are seeking recovery. For example, Village Care Rehabilitation and
Nursing Center on 214 West Houston Street and Gouverneur Methadone clinic on
109 Delancey Street. In the community, you will see many cigarette smokers and cigarette
buds on the ground. Other times you will hear disruptive drinkers leaving the
bars and walking down the streets.

a community health nurse I would plan primary, secondary and tertiary
interventions to reduce the incidence of substance abuse hospitalizations in the
community.  The nurse has many roles and
a few of which include teaching, promoting, and encouraging their patients to
choose healthy lifestyles. Primarily, the nurse can educate the community about
health risks related to substance abuse. The nurse can educate the community about
what substance abuse is, signs and symptoms of substance abuse and ways of
prevention by bringing awareness to the community. Some people may have
addiction and dependency problems due to other health conditions or life
circumstances. For example, the nurse can teach alternative methods for coping
with stressors to prevent substance abuse. The nurse can do this by publicly speaking
in a community group center or at a school/college.

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secondary prevention, early detection of an illness or health condition may
provide the community health nurse the opportunity to determine effective
measures to prevent or minimize long lasting effects of substance abuse. For
example, the nurse would thoroughly assess the patient and gather both
objective and subjective information. The nurse can also detect the presence of
drugs or alcohol in the body by providing a drug test. Some drug tests include
urine tests, blood tests, saliva tests, and breath tests. Also, screenings for
certain cancers like lung cancer from exposure to cigarette smoking can help
for early detection. Furthermore, the nurse can then help plan and implement the
appropriate interventions.