Agile Maturity Assessment serves two purpose –Assess current health of teamand gauge areas where team has most scope to improveAlthough there are many models/tools available but we here share some guidelines that can help you get direction to get started. This assessment has been tailored from SAFe Metrics. Our framework has been developed based upon years of experience with our clients. This can be scaled up to any level within organization according to needs: from assessing individual team to a portfolio.Here are the steps to use this assessment,based on the Deming cycle: plan, do, check, act .1. Identify where your organization lies by conducting a anonymous assessment with various team members from different hierachies. Once this is done, colate the data in one sheet to find average values.2. Basis values, choose what to focus on. You should work out what the possible improvements you could implement , and what benefit they will deliver. You then prioritise few improvements you can make and decide how to implement those changes. You may choose to have exit criterias to define the results you are expecting to see, so you can decide if the changes were successful.3. Implement the changes. First, plan how to implement the changes. You might decide to start with a proof ofconcept. If so, choose a part of your organization that is really suffering—these people will have the bestmotivation to implement change, and it is there that you will see the most dramatic change. Then, ofcourse, you have to execute your plan.4. Check if the changes you implemented had the desired effect. Use the exit criteria you created. Holda retrospective to find out how well the changes were executed.5. Repeat these steps, building upon your knowledge. Roll out more improvements incrementally.6. Repeat step 1-5 in pre-decided cadence and see if you are moving the needle in your assessments.Repeat and learn in the process. No matter how teams are, it is always possible to improve. If something doesn’t work, don’t abandon the process: try something else.