300 small trireme ships have advantage against Persian

300 2 Rise of an empire  is a historical movie released in 2014 ,directed by Noam Murro.The movie    the naval battle fought  between an alliance of Greek city-states  and Persian empire   called The Battle of Salamis,which the outnumbered greeks are victorious.The main characters are Themistocles which is played by Sullivan Stapleton,Artemisa played by Eva Green and Xerxes played by Rodrigo Santoro.The movie is mostly  inaccurate ,through the historical events,characters and accurate in role of men women.The story takes place in the straits of salamis,between the island of Salamis and Athenian port of Piraeus.It begins with the defeat of the persian army in the battle of marathon and the death of king Darius by Themistocles.Kings Darius son Xerxes swears revenge upon Greece.Greek army led by Themistocles fight against Persian army led by Artemisa which wants to destroy the whole Greece and her allies.The greek naval force is outnumbered but its small trireme ships have advantage against Persian  naval force.Themistocles ends up killing Artemisa and that makes him win the war. In the first place the movie is mostly inaccurate in terms of character     representation.Firstly,the actors were very inaccurate ,king Xerxes son of king Darius I was  portrayed as a shining gold god.He is  portrayed as a powerful mysterious being  has the height of a giant which is very inaccurate since Xerxes was a normal  person and not a god.He is portrayed as a young boy which has the build of a god.After his father’s death Xerxes was heartbroken and angry,Artemisa advices him take a mission,where he goes to a magical cave and dives to a water pond and becomes a god.However Xerxes portrait was not the only one that was inaccurate,Artemisia was born Greek, but defected to Persia as her family was raped and murdered by Greek hoplites and she was taken as a sex slave, and subsequently left for dead in the streets. She was rescued and adopted by a Persian emissary. Her lust for vengeance gained the attention of King Darius and he made her a naval commander after she killed many of his enemies..This is inaccurate too since she wasnt an orphan but a queen of the Greek city-state Halicarnassus.Artemisia  had a family,a husband and a son named Pisindelis.She was portrayed  as the adopted child of king Darius I while in fact she was just an persian ally in the Battle of Salamis. Therefore,the character representation is mostly inaccurate.Furthermore,the role of men and women is mostly accurate.For example in athens the role of men and women is accurate because at a meeting that Themistocles gathered to discuss the battle that was coming up,the heads of the athenian city-state were only male.This is accurate since at that time in athens men had the dominant role in public life,they governed the state and fought in the battles while women had to take care of the household by cleaning the house,cooking and teaching their children.However in Sparta queen Gorgo governed and fought in the army beside men.Women in sparta were more educated unlike in athens.They could walk around with their husbands,they were trained on how to fight.Women could train beside or with the men unlike in athens.This is very accurate since Queen Gorgo is seen training with her husband spartan king Leonidas.Therefore role of men and women is very accurate.