It’s well-spoken, both qualities that have served

It’s my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Ashley Nelson as she seeks employment in the Human Service Field. My name is Anthony Bonner and I am Ashley’s formerdirect manager at Youth and Shelter Services. I am currently CEO of 3ONE Professional Services, LLC. During my tenure at Youth and Shelter Services and observing Ashley during that time, Ashley showed commitment excellence, great communication skills and consistently exceeded company expectation working with a diverse population of at-risk adolescent youth struggling with mental health and various intense forms of substance abuse addiction. On a personal level, she’s well composed and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her well in his role as Night House Manager.Ashley brought great value to Youth and Shelter Services by being a consistent team member and exhibiting professionalism amongst her peers, her leaders, and being a great example for the youth she served. She understood how to motivate the youth as well as complete high level management assignments that benefited both the youth and the company. Ashley is a major and integral part of Youth and Shelter Services. She has shown great composure during youth escalations and helped de-escalate youth and helped them during their difficult times, but alsotaught the youth important life skills and built great relationships and it shown through the respect the youth gave Ashley at all times.Ashley was also willing to go over and beyond during staff shortages to pick up shifts, help train new staff, and be a support for her immediate supervisors. Her level of dedication is unmatched and greatly appreciated. Although Ashley is a great team player, she has great leadership abilities and I believe her future is bright in terms of her leadership and relatability to those she serves and works with.In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support and recommendation for Ashley Nelson. I’m confident that she will surpass your expectations. Ashley Nelson is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart, and I know she will continue to be an asset find success in her