25 Landscaping Project Tips for Fix

25 Landscaping Project Tips for Fix & FlipsGood landscaping can increase the appeal and value of your fix and flip projects. However, the wrong landscaping project can eat into your budget and cause you to lose money. In this article, we share 25 landscaping project ideas from the pros that will make your fix and flip more attractive to buyers.  1. Create a Deep Green LawnTom Hurford, CEO, FixtersMost buyers want a deep green lawn. When fixing a home for a flip, the first thing that you should do is to address the yard. If the yard was neglected, as most are, spread grass seed and a layer of topsoil. It is smart to take advantage of the two months or more it will take to renovate the property and let the yard come in and look green and great in time for flipping.2. Low-Maintenance LandscapeSpencer Chambers, Realtor and Owner, The Chambers OrganizationMost people buying a house likely do not have much time to take care of it. A low-maintenance landscape is a good way to incorporate nature into the house without demanding too much time and effort from the homeowners. You can use non-needy plants and trees to instantly upgrade the look of a landscape without adding to the potential buyer’s duties.3. Keep the Focus on the HouseKayla Hein, Creative Director, Modern CastleIn whatever you decide to do landscape-wise, be sure to keep the focus on the main thing: the house. Designing the landscape to complement the elements you have already incorporated into the home will help the yard serve as the perfect entry and provide great curb appeal. For traditional homes, consider a more formal garden area. For eclectic home, consider low-budget plants that offer a pop of color. 4. Edging Along Sidewalks and WalkwaysBrian Davis, Real Estate Investor and Co-Founder, Spark RentalEdging sidewalks and/or walkways with greens is a great way to enhance your fix and flip project. It’s simple to do yourself – all you need is a landscaping edger tool. Edging can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your front walkway or sidewalk, and this only takes around 30 to 90 minutes of work. 5. Stick to Native Plants in Your AreaJacob Lenard, Interior Designer, JacobLenard.comWhen choosing plants, make sure to stick to your area’s native species. Native plants adapt better to your local humidity, salt, sun, and water levels and will typically last longer during the flipping process. Forcing non-native species into your fix and flip landscaping may cause problems by the time your buyer is ready to move-in, plus they are more difficult to maintain.6. Create a Dramatic & Clean Entry to the HomeMeeka Van der Wal, Landscape Designer, Design Farm GroupThe home’s main entry should be clean, warm, and inviting. Utilize elements such as a collection of containers in groups with seasonal annuals, a few seating elements if a porch is part of the architecture, and stunning architectural elements such as the house number, mailbox, and doormat.7. Create Winding Paths & Curving BordersBeth Berg, Owner, Artemis InteriorWinding paths are always more aesthetically attractive than straight lines. You can create a winding effect to a straight walkway by adding a curving border.  Plant appropriate greenery and flowers to enhance the borders but make sure they don’t require too much maintenance. 8. Add Outdoor LightingRhianna Miller, Home & Garden Improvement Expert, Rubber Mulch Consider adding outdoor lighting that will add interest and warmth to your home during the cold winter months. The outside of your home may look dreary and dark during January, but updated wall mount lighting and hanging lanterns will give the house a warm glow during the coldest months.9. Maintain Weeds & Keep it CleanEmily Marshall, Analyst, ALMTo make your house looks more attractive to potential buyers without additional costs and much effort, keeping the lawn clean is the way to go. Things as simple as raking, pulling weeds, pruning flower beds, or adding fresh mulch can give a potential buyer a great first impression that can increase the chance of selling your property quickly.10. Add Outdoor Fire PitsRJ Lamb, Owner, Lambs Lawn Service & LandscapingOutdoor fire pits give homeowners an extra space to entertain family and friends. You can build a square fire pit yourself for around 32 rectangle blocks at about $3 each. Other than the blocks, you’ll need sand and gravel to make a solid base for the blocks to sit on. The fire pit is a simple and easy project that can be done at a low cost and can provide a great ROI. 11. Add a Small Pond or WaterfallJoe Goldstein, Operations Manager, Contractor CallsAdding a pond or waterfall to your backyard is one of the best ways to create a dramatic focal point in an otherwise boring yard. It’s an extremely small investment by landscaping standards, has a big visual impact, and can make your house substantially more memorable to shoppers in competitive markets. 12. Construct Garden BoxesEvan Roberts, Owner, Dependable HomebuyersBuild garden boxes in front of your flips to improve the curb appeal and increase your property’s value. These garden boxes can often be constructed using excess pressure-treated lumber from building the deck. Filling the garden with mulch is a good idea as buyers prefer a clean slate from where they can design and plant a garden based on their own particular taste.13. Fix Up and Repaint the DrivewayJeremy Johnson, Blog Owner, Realestatecompanies.infoHow the outside of the house generally looks is another important aspect to consider when fixing a property for a flip. Repainting and repairing the driveway is a good way to increase your house’s value without too much additional cost. You may also include some small and easy-to-maintain plants on the sides of the driveway to make it look more appealing.14. Keep It SimpleWhen fixing a house for a flip, Bankrate recommends to keep the landscaping design simple to give more room for the buyer to redesign it according to their personal preference. You may carve out a nice, simple lawn area and limit the number of plants. Simplify the design of the yard by using plants and grass that work well in your environment and complement the neighborhood.15. Freshen Up with MulchingA fresh layer of mulch instantly freshens and revives the exterior of a house. Mulches come in a variety of materials and colors, such as fine or coarse wood chips, pine needle straw, and even shredded cocoa hulls. Non-dyed mulches give a more natural look, while red- and black-dyed mulches add definition and contrast to an area, though the color fades over time. The Nest recommends that you choose whatever suits the general atmosphere of the house and the neighborhood.16. Paint and Repair Decks and PatiosDecks and patios are an excellent selling feature so they should be properly maintained. Clean and repair your deck and replace damaged patio or walkway stones to add an instant improvement at almost no cost. According to SF Gate, consider repainting or refinishing a deck that looks shabby. Ths can help improve the overall appearance of your landscape.17. Shape Unsightly Or Overgrown Trees And ShrubsRegardless of the season, it’s a good idea to tackle any overlooked pruning chores. According to HGTV, a bunch of neglected dead branches are not only an eyesore to your property – it can also bring an unnecessary stressful energy to the potential buyers. Shaping overgrown trees and shrubs shows how well both your house and your garden have been maintained. It’s okay to prune deciduous trees and shrubs any time of the year.18. Choose One Focal PointWhen designing landscape, Gorilla Capital recommends that choosing one focal point is a way to enhance the house’s general appeal and grab your potential buyers’ attention. For example, you can bring focus to one large stately tree, a relaxing patio, a vibrant flower bed a pathway edging, or simply bring the visitors’ eyes directly to the front door.19. Use a Perfect Balance of Hardscape & Softscape”Hardscape” is using permanent hard landscape and non-vegetative materials in your yard, including pavers for patios and walkways, stones for flower bed borders, and driveways. “Softscape” refers to the live elements of a landscape, like sod, grasses, flowers, trees, shrubs and even grading. According to Walnut Street Finance, a combination of both features helps create an attractive outdoor space that can increase your potential for a bigger ROI on your fix and flip.20. Use Gravel or Granite Instead of Concrete for Driveways & SidewalksUsing concrete for driveways and sidewalks can be very expensive, costing around $98 or more per cubic yard. Realtor.com recommends that you go for the cheaper option of pea gravel, which costs drastically less, at around $30 to $35 per cubic yard. If you want an even cheaper option, consider using decomposed granite, which costs only about $3 to $5.21. Use Stone Remnants as Stepping StonesAccording to Money Crashers, stepping stones are a nice addition to your landscape design because they connect components of your lawn with an easy-to-walk pathway. Store-bought stepping stones can be expensive. Fortunately, you can use stone remnants as stepping stones, which you can buy at a lesser cost. They will give your ground a more asymmetrically spontaneous touch at a cheaper price.22. Add a Shade SailYour Investment Property Mag recommends adding a shade sail to your landscaping project as it’s another way to increase its appeal. A shade sail is a functional and aesthetic feature that you can make yourself. You simply need to install three timber posts and a shade sail kit, which you can purchase from most hardware stores.23. Add a Gate, Arbor or Attractive FenceA gate, arbor, or fence are affordable, low-maintenance landscaping features that can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal, according to Intall It Direct. You can add even these features yourself without professional help. You can use prefabricated garden arches or fence panels which can be assembled and installed relatively easily. Make sure to stain or paint them to match the color of the house. 24. Update Your MailboxIf you want your property’s landscape to look gorgeous, make sure that your mailbox doesn’t look like it’s going to topple over. According to Real Simple, an old, rusty mailbox is something you don’t want to keep if you want to attract buyers and sell your house quickly. Update or replace your mailbox to match the general ambiance of your house.25. Add Appropriate Landscaping FeaturesInstall landscaping features that are appropriate to the house’s ambiance and the style of the neighborhood, as advised by Fix Business. Decks, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fountains, ponds, and lighting are examples of landscaping features that will make your propertyBottom LineIn real estate, first impressions do matter. Potential homebuyers look at your home’s curb appeal, and your property’s landscaping can either make or break a sale. If you want to generate more revenue and increase your property’s potential to sell more quickly, ensure that you keep your home’s landscape clean, attractive, and well-maintained.