Bhangra to the youngsters. Bhangra music became

Bhangra music is the traditional music performed by Punjabis for various celebrations such as harvest festival, marriage, birthday parties etc. Earlier it was performed by Punjabi youth in Britain. It rose to popularity in early 20th century. Punjabi immigrants integrated their traditional bhangra music with western music which led to the replacement of original folk music. Performers use various local instruments such as dhol, flute, fiddle, harmonium.

Bhangra music is considered the combination of Indian and Western music, which led to integration of two different cultures. Traditional Bhangra music evolved due to unification of these two different styles. People from western countries enjoy Bhangra music as they can relate to it. This merging has given the Bhangra music a widespread popularity in the international market. People of different age groups can enjoy the music due to this culture combination.

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Bhangra music is associated with the lifestyle of people in Punjab. Earlier topics of Bhangra music was related to agriculture and harvest only. Today various other topics such as comics, romance is also included for the participation of youth. Bhangra music is so lively that youngsters are attracted to this style thus incorporating the traditional values in them. Youngsters are taking part in Bhangra competitions thus preserving those traditional values. This makes it close to the youngsters.

Bhangra music became an important part of people in India and Pakistan during the partition period. During those time people could not relate themselves to any artform. Bhangra music became their identity in such a situation. In current situation lots of people from India are migrating to Canada. If Canadians listen to Bhangra they could relate easily to those people and become part of their culture. Cultural differences could be eliminated easily. Bhangra music is so vibrant that anybody can enjoy it.