23. a second to load up and

23. Wordpress Tutorial Tools


Welcome to our WordPress lesson. In
this Knowledge bit, we
are going to talk about tools and will discuss how you can import and export

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So by
default we have got a press this option. So this is sometime a lot of people
don’t really use this tool but it’s there if you do want to use it and allows
you to great post from content on the web in your bookmark area so you can
simply press and add in content so it’s another way that wordpress helps you
quickly add in content so we had looked at the ability to send emails and add
posts in the way as well.



Import & Export


This is
another important one for Backup here we have got the ability to import
wordpress content and as well as export files. So this is another way to backup
so besides this automated backup we have the ability to import and export
content into and out of wordpress. There is also categories and type converter
so we can convert categories and tags



So if we
want to actually import an RSS feed we are able to do that directly in the
import here, so all we have to do is set that up and give it a second to load
up and we can actually import, it’s a RSS importer so it’s not installed by
default but it allows us to import posts from an RSS feed.



So what’s
that means is that if you have got an RSS feed somewhere maybe if you have
another site and you have got an RSS feed you want all of those posts to
automatically come into wordpress you can easily do it that way.

For example,
whenever you are posting on your tumblr account you might want to pull it into
your wordpress and that’s the way that you can do that or you could pull in any
one of these feeds and automatically post to your site. So exporting is a bit different
that importing, because exporting you have the option to export out your
content. And this is another thing that you can use for backing up so you can
export all of your content. So back it up and download it and this gives you
the ability to do that and that’s by default within the tools section.



In this
Knowledge bit, we have talked more about tools and we have further discussed
about how you can import and export your wordpress file. In the next knowledge
bit, we are going to talk about user control
and talk about how you can add new user.