By responsibility are Catholics and Buddhists. Both these

By being a socially responsibly company, you can be able to reach out too many different people that not only want to buy the product but may also want to contribute to whatever is offered. Social responsibility is businesses that balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. This includes developing certain businesses with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate. For example, a company that I found that is both socially responsible and sustainable is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Ben and Jerrys is a notable example of a company that is being very socially responsible in the products that they produce. Ben and Jerry’s takes part in this campaign that helps several different causes by selling certain ice creams. Once these specific ice creams are sold, they can contribute to funding things such as cancer research, global warming funding, etc. This company becomes very productive because not only is that company helping a cause but it may be producing and selling more of their product. Many consumers look to buy products that they not only will find an interest in but may contribute to something else that is important to them. So, companies that are socially responsible cater to those consumers. Things such as Celebrities and the government can have a substantial influence on what a consumer purchases. For instance, if a person sees their favorite celebrity purchase and promotes a perfume bottle the are more likely to purchase that perfume bottle rather than the plain generic bottle of perfume. The company then becomes sustainable and benefits from this by profiting off the fans that purchase the celebrities perfume. Ethnicities that greatly support the idea of social responsibility are the American and many multiracial people. These people see the idea of social responsibility as a positive affect on our culture and economy. Two religions that are most likely to social responsibility are Catholics and Buddhists. Both these religions also preserve social responsibility as a positive affect to society and sustainable living through the economy.