“2018 know what his mind suggests to him,

“2018 Youth Essay Contest Syed Hasan Kashmala [email protected] Age 15″Name Kashmala Hasan Syed Date of Birth/Age as of February 1, 2018  December/20/2002 Nationality Pakistani Religion Islam Gender Female Email Address [email protected] Divine love is greatest of all. Its individuality, distinctiveness, significance and notability  cannot be fully expressed in words .It is unconditional, limitless and endless .Divine love leads to self-righteousness and it clearly emphasizes on our purpose and aim for coming in this world which is manifestly to recognize and perceive omens set out by Almighty Allah . Upon rightly recognizing and evaluating these signals it is irrefutable if we do not fall in love with the Creator of this World. A degree of intellect and thoughtfulness is developed in in us as said by Arthur Rimbard “Only divine love bestows key in knowledge.” This love provides and brings about everlasting happiness and joviality and eternal and interminable life.It is a part of human nature that any feeling lucidly expressed or indicated will be reciprocated and similarly responded. So when a person loves another person he/she expects his/her love, time and courtesies to be returned back that clearly shows in most of the cases human love is due to any purpose, however there are some beautiful examples which apparently shows that human love can be unconditional too. It is necessary to stress on this point that by human love I mean the love which is based on a materialistic motive and on temporary feelings. Human love can also be amiss and blameful at times as it can provoke us to retaliate, hurt or blight someone. Contrary to it, divine love instigates us to become a better human, it is uplifting and altruistic too. Divine love is immortal and perpetual because we are always in contact and link with Allah. We can feel Him and He is the closest one, He understands us more than us. As Almighty says Himself in Quran;”And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”(50:16)An event took place in my life which utterly and absolutely changed my point of view of perceiving and comprehending life and divine love.I have a younger cousin who has a severe ophthalmic disease from birth, her eyesight is very weak and she is practically sightless without the aid spectacles, however she has a vast mental capacity and possessed such a high degree of intellect that nobody could remain unimpressed and unmoved .She has gone through three major ophthalmic surgeries but all of them failed to cure the disease completely.One night my mother’s phone rang and when she attended the call, her facial expressions changed readily as if she has a heard a grievous news and it was true. The call was from my aunt and she gave the news that my cousin has lost her eyesight completely during her fourth surgery. This surgery was very crucial and its success would have enabled her to see things much clearly and better, but it worsened the situation even more. This news left me in a sorrowful and heart rendering condition. I was questioning Allah that why did he do this to her? I am no one to ask this but being human I could not help it. I was continuously thinking that why life is so unfair and unpredictable? All these questions were storming in my mind.I called her immediately and luckily she attended the call. She was very anxious. Uneasiness and panic in her voice showed her vulnerable condition. The best way to help someone who is facing similar circumstances is by giving sentimental support and by showing gestures of humbleness and love. She was feeling unwanted but she was unaware of the fact that she is very important to all of us. So I tried to anew the hope she had almost completely lost. This occurrence taught me the most important lesson that make a difference in someone’s life and keep inspiring others. Be the reason for others to not to give up.   The next I went to meet her. She was in the hospital in a room. I was astonished that she was reading a Braille book (books that blinds read).I tried to give her emotional support and ensure to her that we are always there for her no matter how hard, tough and challenging the situation is. I was amazed at her spirit and her attitude. She was not sorrowful, she accepted this situation as a challenge and was more focused, powerful, strong and determined now. She accepted the fact that she can no more see but life does not end here, it moves on and so should we. She transformed her weaknesses into her strengths. Her urge and desire to study and learn increased day by day. There was a hunger in her and she was craving for it.All the questions I made earlier were answered eventually and I realized I was utterly wrong. Allah gave her a fault but he gave her a lot more ability and strength to accept and deal with the problem and luckily for me I was the fount. Upon discerning this I immediately felt with My Lord, He is not unfair or unjust. I fell in love with His mercy, His justice and His equitableness.We all are different from each other, we all possess distinct qualities and traits and that is what makes this planet so beautiful. This diversity leads to an exquisite and ravishing world. This diversity shows the beauty and not the inferiority or superiority of anyone.This incident helped me to notice Creator of this World so closely and discover His justice and meaningfulness behind every single happening.  It purified, splendored and made my being even more prestigious. My Lord says Himself;”In truth all honor belongs to Allah, His messengers and His believers.” (63:8) The most important lesson which I learned was that if anything is unavailable or missing in your life so do not question it and complain because there is always a meaningful reason behind it and it is patently for our betterment and we may not realize this at the moment. I also took in a moral that one should be always willing and prepared to assist and support anyone who seems to be trouble or difficulty because we might be a source of divine help. After that day I tried to help as many people as I could and every time it leaves me with an indescribable feeling which includes a sense of pleasure and compassion. For me this feeling is the best and unequalled than all other feelings.I would like to end my essay with a saying from Ramakrishna “Try to cultivate love of God. You are born as human being only to attain divine love.” .”