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The Catalan Mountain Federation (FEEC) has decided to recover mountain rallies a decade after the last one was celebrated and introducing important innovations. Valls d’Àneu will be the location for the F-Rally, the name given to the pilot test that has been prepared for 10th and 11th October.


Mountain rallies are developed in medium and high mountain terrain, with checkpoints but not a defined track, with the aim of going through it whether walking or climbing in the shortest time possible. The F-Rally will be disputed by teams of two or three people, and it will be taken into account the strategy, the orientation, the technique and the companionship.

Brief description of F-Rally

The teams of the F-Rally will have a list with all the minimum obligatory equipment and the participants will must be self-sufficient. It will be also given a map with some obligatory checkpoints and some other optional checkpoints for extra punctuation. Each evening, after finishing the stage of the day, it will be given the information related with the next day’s stage.

This pilot edition, that will be alpine, is addressed to invited teams with proven experience, and the registration, absolutely free, is also open to the teams of FEEC’s clubs. The future editions of 2016 will be opened to mountain and trekking categories.

Everyone interested on representing its club can already make the registration as a team in:

An strategic move of individuals, companies and institutions

The Catalan Mountain Federation has entrusted the direction of the F-Rally to the expert adventurer and competitions organizer Néstor Bohigas. The competition has also the sponsorship of ASUS and the support of the Espot Esquí Club and the town councils of Esterri d’Àneu and Alt Àneu. The F-Rally counts also on the collaboration of Trail magazine, the historical clubs of mountain rallies, and Baqueira-Beret.

The regulations are available on (Catalan). You can solve any doubt or ask for further information writing to

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