Running shoes with crampons

running crampons

@Jordi Tosas Iceclimbing with running shoes

Is never a good solution to do some ice part with running shoes. Crampons are or to soft or adapt for alpinism shoes. Soft crampons are adaptable to running shoes but they can not break the hard ice. Automatic crampons are to heavy and painful when we put on running shoes, so here my solution how to have a rigid crampon, light and that keeps on running shoes:

So here how to have a rigid crampon, light and that keeps on running shoes:

– We take a steel front and a aluminum back and bar:

Crampon 1

the toe of the shoe enters on the bar. Is important to put the strips to keep the crampon on place when we flex of the shoe, if not, the front part can fall on steep ice


crampo 2 crampo 3


The back can be on a automatic crampon or on a manual crampon, as comfortable as for the shoe, the automatic clips well on the end of the EVA part of the sole.

crampo 5 crampo 4

And to be more comfortable on the front (yes, the bar directly to the shoe makes a lot of pain on the toes after some hours) we can put a thin (2-3mm) part of neoprene or eva (inner soles of a shoe)

crampo 6 crampo 7

Now time to climb!!!

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  1. for running shoes, what do you find works best for the middle bar- a flexible bar, or stiff, non-flexible?
    And a speed/automatic style binding rather than universal?
    Thanks- great website and great info!

    • Hi GTC, Flexible bar is better for running but not when is ice or steep snow, where is better to have a rigid crampon, and because the shoe is not rigid, is the crampon (with a rigid bar) who makes the rigidity.
      For the hill, both are great, the automatic can be more painful on the hill and the universal more confortable.

  2. What about this solution?
    These aren’t useful for technical ice climbing, but I think suitable for a lot of alpinrunning cases where slipping snow make it harder.
    Clearly a light and comfy ones for running!

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