Couloirs Lyngen

Here some great couloirs in Lyngen Alps:



1000m (1440) 40-45°



600m (1440) 45-50° really narrow, some parts less than 160cm, with 1 rappel or down climb to enter and another rappel 5m almost at the end.


 Stortinden N

500m (1512) narrow couloir, some parts 160cm. 50°

Also nice the traverse couloir from the summit, 40-45° for 600m

Captura de pantalla 2013-04-16 a la(s) 18.34.43

Trolltinden SW couloir

800m (1426m) 800m of couloir, 1st 60 m from the summit really steep, 55°, then constant 40° with some narrow part in the midle.

Captura de pantalla 2013-04-16 a la(s) 18.34.21

 Felix Couloir – Store Lenangstinden

900m (1625) 50° Andreas Franson skied in 2012 and says TD 5.3:  a really impressive couloir from the summit in the middle of the wall to a big icefall (2 50m rappel) and ski the exposed slabs to the left to enter in the last couloir.




Rodbergtinden N face:  God mother couloir

From Lyngseidet walk along the fjord to this evident couloir who finish on the pass. Nice ski for 1300m direct to the sea (35-40°)

On the right of Rodbergtinden, Andreas Franson skied in 2012 a evident line of 1000m of 50° with a small 30m rappel to pass a ice fall on the middle.


carretera lyngen sud

Rornestinden N face:

800m (1041m) 55° ski from the summit with some rocky parts to a evident pass, great steep ski with 2 small jumps to a small rappel of 10m and another great steep couloir to a steep part end with a jump to the last great couloir 40°

On the left side of the wall, another great line, with some steep parts 50° and some crossing in rock parts.


carretera lyngen sud 2


Balggesvarri N face

600m (1627) 45 – 50° From between the 2 summits ski down in a avalanche exposed part, traversing some seracs and crossing right under some seracs crevasses to find the small and steep couloir who gives us to the plateau.



Jiehkkevarri East couloir:

1000m (1834) 40-45° from the south summit go to the pass (attention to overhangs) and ski a great line to the plateau.


Kveita N couloir:

500m 45° in Furuflaten glacier


Gaskajiehkohkka N couloir

600m of great thin couloir 40° in furuflaten glacier



600m 50° in the middle of the two summits ski on the left side a large part to the last rock part, who is possible to rock ski on the very right side (downhill sense) or down climb.


Guhkesgaisi N face

1000m (1580) 55° really constant and exposed. Ski a steep part following the rock spurs to enter in a down climbing traverse to a steep couloir who go down to the left (ski sense) and ends in a short ice fall (down climb 10m) and a traverse to the left under the ice and rock wall.

22-15052011_langdalstinden foto


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