2. a very supportive team of dispatchers, customer

2. AboutColumbus Garage Door Opener Service has a very supportive team of dispatchers, customer service reps, technicians and more that helps make this company to what it is today. Making sure every customer receives the right garage door service quickly and done properly. No garage door will be left undone when you hire us.We Are Nationally KnownThe beauty of our company is that we serve our local community but we’re known nationwide. We get materials from most of the top leading manufacturers and building relationships with them has gotten our name out there. Also customers telling they’re friends and family about us definitely helps. We want nothing but the best so we strive to provide it.Why You Should Choose UsOf course the first thing you want when hiring a company is trust. Now you have to build trust but making sure you check on reviews and their quality of work will make it easier. So that being said, here is what our company can offer in return when you hire us:Our technicians are trained to handle all services in a timely mannerWe try to provide our customers with some of the most affordable garage services out thereAnytime of the day or night we offer emergency repair services to fix your garage door.Our team is professional, friendly and skilled at their jobsWe also offer same day service. Even if there isn’t an emergency we’ll still come out and take a look at your garage.And more…You can rest assure that our staff and technicians have learned this trade and accumulated enough experience to take on all garage doors. We know what we’re doing in this industry and want to give you the best service we can.Choose A Professional EverytimeIf it’s your garage door at home or even at your commercial property, always make sure to hire a professional. A person that has the proper training and skill set to understand every model and size garage door. If you hire someone that’s trying to wing it or going on YouTube on how to make repairs to your garage is not good.Our company only hires professionals, everytime! We understand that our name is being put to the test everytime a tech goes out on a service. If they’re failing and not providing the type of service we offer then we would fail as a whole. So we make sure that we trust our team with everything and this is the reason why we have prospered for as long as we have.What Garage Door Services We OfferA problem is going on with your garage door, we’ll come right over and solve the issue. We offer a full line of garage door services all which will help your door to last. No half done repairs or low end parts replacing your broken parts. Nothing but quality over here. Check out below in what services we offer:Repairs and Replacements Any part that is repairable our team of professionals can work on it.  You will have those parts that are not able to be repaired and have to be replaced. We can do that too. Always replacing your older worn out parts with newer quality high end ones. Manufactured to last and take the type of beating that other products couldn’t withstand.New Door Installations With our online catalog filled with various types of garage doors. Your able to choose whichever one you want and also able to customize them. New garage door offer many benefits and many upgrades that older models don’t nowadays. Our technicians understand all garage doors and how to install them. They will make sure their balanced without any issues.Inspections Our team will go around and inspect every part with a 25 point inspection. This type of service is vital to your garage. Say a certain part is beginning to break or has too much damage. This service will help solve that problem.Routine Maintenance Every year most of our returning customers get a routine maintenance check up. It’s where a technician will go around a fasten every screw, bolt and hinge to make sure they’re tighten. Over time they’ll tend to loosen up with the garage door always operating. Then they will lubricate most parts that constantly move to help them last longer. Also making sure they won’t grind against other parts as bad. The longevity of your garage is crucial to your property. It provides a sense of security which keeps your belongings and your family safe. So when a problem arises, contact us and we’ll see to it that your garage door is working again.Making Sure Your Satisfied There’s no reason for any professional not to make sure that their customer is or isn’t satisfied with their work. It’s important because without that then your company or business wouldn’t be the same and prosper. If any of our customers aren’t happy with the work we have done we’ll make sure that we stay and fix any problem until it’s done. Emergency Repairs Available 24/7Sometimes depending on what’s going on. A garage door issue can’t wait until business hours to have it fixed. The role of your garage door and what it provides in your day to day routine is important to your home and you. We’ll make sure to have a professional come by and check the problem about an hour after the call was placed. They’ll come prepared for any repair with all the right tools for the job.Columbus AreaWe take pride serving the people in the Columbus area. Our technicians travel day in and day out performing garage door miracles throughout the Franklin County. While your in the Columbus area visiting or staying make sure to check out some of the sites they have to offer. Like the Columbus Zoo and the Scioto Mile which are parks that have trails and fountains.We Provide Our Services Beyond ColumbusThe Columbus area has given us the opportunity to provide our services beyond them. Other communities have gotten word about us and the type of work we do. The quality and respect we give our customers has proven us to be great in this industry. Besides the Columbus area, here are more areas that we serve:PowellWestervillePlain CityNew AlbanyWorthingtonGrandview HeightsAnd more…The further our reach is the better service people can get. If you need more information to see if your community is one that we can service, contact us right away.Coupons Every WeekEvery business should offer their community deals, seeing how without them a business wouldn’t thrive the way it does. This is the main reason why every week we have different coupons and deals going on for our services. When you call ask our operator about which deal is going on and if you qualify for it. Nothing better than saving some money!We Got It From HereCommercial or residential our company Columbus Garage Door Opener Service has the expertise and mindset to handle them all. Any make or model garage door or any kind of repair whether it’s day or night, a tech will be out to repair it. Your garage door shouldn’t be trusted to anyone but if you had to choose one right now, you should call us first.Our sales team is standing by and looking forward to speaking with you!